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The Ins & Outs of Street Style

The Ins & Outs of Street Style

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    Dec 05, 2015   Author : admin

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We’re used to witnessing high dose of fashion and style in runway shows, studios, high-profile magazines, billboards and other media. The press goes mad about snapping photos and writing limitless stories of professional models and designer brands. This is pretty obvious especially during the fashion week season in Paris, New York, Milan and London.

But, how about fashion and style on the streets… Yes and no! We can agree that the latest trends may exist anywhere in the neighborhood. Still and all, we can’t be convinced, at times, that real and ordinary people can also be fashion-forward. They are brave individuals who clearly live by the saying, “You are what you wear.”

Truth is we can pick up loads of tips and tricks on style from the streets around the world. Name it and you’ll never miss noticing that very thing- hip hop, punk, feminine, hipster, kawaii, gothic, preppy, rasta, greaser, hippie and urban. Therefore, it is not an assumption that the street is the more legit runway. Well, it’s simply about having one’s eye open to the power and influence of street style. 

So, time to take the streets and start transforming your style!

1. Layer up. Try a coat or a cover-up over a shirt or sweater. That is, if the weather permits.

2. Hello, collar! Showing off the collar removes stiffness in a formal wear. Give it a shot!

3. It’s the clutch effect. For a change, choose a smaller purse, which you can handle as a clutch.

4. Roll it up. That’s for your pair of pants. Pair it with your choice footwear and you’re ready to go.

5. Brighten your day. Color blocking is still in vogue. It’s not for the faint-hearted, though. 

6. Mix and match. Say no to anything boring. Just begin blending unexpected combinations with style in mind.

7. Express it with prints. It can be a graphic tee, jacket or bottoms. Take a pick!

8. Go for high and low. Mini dress or skirt with long coat on top… What do you think?


Images: | MYC Writer: Maebelle Del Rosario

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