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Why You Shouldn't Be Friends with Your Ex

Why You Shouldn't Be Friends with Your Ex

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    Oct 07, 2015   Author : admin

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I’ve remembered what my good friend of mine told us one time while we were talking about love and relationships and she mentioned somewhere along the line that break ups are best served cold, like beer. Others on the other hand are very much open to the idea of being friends with their ex, maybe for them it’s all water under the bridge while for some, cutting someone from their lives means permanently erasing them from their memory. For those who just went through a bad break up, here are some reasons why being friends with your ex shouldn’t probably cross your mind:

Jealousy is in the works for you, which is not a good thing

Ok, so you’ve been terribly and hopelessly in love with your ex and we couldn’t blame you for it. Being in a relationship with a person for quite sometime and then waking up the next day knowing they’re not there anymore might create a big gaping hole. You will miss them, miss the way they send you a random text at anytime of the day just to let you know how much they love you, call you at night to say good night, miss the way they hold and kiss you and make you feel protected and it’s normal. So the next time you find yourself running back to your ex and maybe this time as a friend, better not entertain this idea for it might not help you. It will most likely hurt you upon knowing he’s already dating someone else so ladies, take good care of yourself and spare yourself the inevitable heartbreak.

You will probably pine for the idea of getting back together

You might not admit it now but after a few weeks or so from the actual break-up, you will almost certainly ache for the idea of getting back with your ex. You might even want to change yourself now just so you could get your ex’s affection back but we all know this will not work out the way you wanted it to be. Being friends with your ex might give you the false idea that a second chance might be in the works for you two and if it didn’t happen, it will most definitely and absolutely hurt you.

Post- break up hook-ups are not far from happening

So you’re still lamenting over the fact that your ex-boyfriend broke up with you and the next time you know, he comes running back to your door step begging for you not to get back together but for you to be friends with him. Think wisely and hardly for another second especially if you are still in love with him or probably physically attracted towards him. We all probably know how hard it is to maintain a straight platonic friendship with someone you’ve been madly in love with and hook-ups aren’t far from happening. Ladies do yourselves a favor by not giving him the impression that you might give it back to him. Just say no and you’ll be fine along the way.

Either of you might bring up the unresolved issues of the past

I’ve heard many girlfriends who complained about this part of being friends with their exes. So you thought you’re over the fact of him cheating on you? Or him being over the idea that you broke up with him because you needed time to be alone and grow on your own? Think again. By being friends with your ex, you’re both giving the power and privilege to bring up the unresolved issues of the past and it’s nasty, isn’t it? By not being friends with your ex, you give yourself the peace that you long deserve to have.

It might hinder you from meeting other people

This is one ugly truth about being friends with your ex especially if you’re still not over him. How will you notice the efforts being put by another guy if you’re still blinded by the idea of getting back with your ex-lover? Stop it or better yet not initiate any communication with him. The truth is and will always be this way: Being friends with someone you’ve been with for quite a long time might definitely prevent you from meeting other people and probably the right one. Yo don’t want to miss that chance, right?


MYC Contributor: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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