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3 Cool Places You Need to Visit in London

3 Cool Places You Need to Visit in London

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    Sep 16, 2015   Author : admin

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No matter how long you have lived in London, there are sure to be plenty of cool and amazing parts of the city you haven't yet visited.  The following are 3 places you really should make an effort to visit as soon as you possibly can.  

Chelsea Physic Garden

It really is a mystery why this delightful and incredibly peaceful little spot by the Thames isn't a lot more popular than it is. This is the city's oldest botanic garden, with the walled area containing about 5,000 different types of plants. As well as the garden, there is also a cafe and a shop here. It is open to the public from 11am to 6pm from Tuesday to Friday, as well as on Sundays and Bank Holidays. The public entrance is on Swan Walk and Sloane Square is the closest tube station.

The Guildhall Art Gallery

If you love art and history then the brilliant Art Gallery at Guildhall is well worth visiting. It was built at the end of the 19th century and currently has about 4,000 pieces in its collection. Only a small percentage of the art is put on display at any one time but there are more fantastic reasons for visiting this gallery. For example, the most fascinating aspect of this attraction is that it was the site of a Roman amphitheatre that was originally built in AD 70 and updated in the 2nd century. It was used for gladiator and animal fights but was left to go to ruin for centuries. The old amphitheatre was only re-discovered in the 1980s but you can now visit it in the original site and see a slice of ancient London history.

Wilton's Music Hall

This incredibly atmospheric Victorian music hall can be found in Tower Hamlets. It dates back to 1743 but is being completely and impressively renovated just now. In fact, it has a claim to fame as the oldest surviving music hall on the planet. There are a few ways of visiting it. One is to visit the Mahogany Bar for a drink. The building is also still open for a variety for events even while work is going on. The Sting and Yoga Nights are a couple of the upcoming events. You can also go on a tour of the building that lasts about an hour and give a fascinating insight into a unique building. Monday is tour day but it is always best to check in advance anyway. The final possibility to consider is a walking tour around the area. These last for 3 hours and give to explore the area around the music hall before ending in the bar with a tea or coffee. 


Images: PlacesToGo, LondonAndPartners, VictorianWeb | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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