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The Best Gadgets this 2015

The Best Gadgets this 2015

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    Sep 14, 2015   Author : admin

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2015 already looks like it is going to be a classic year for new technology. As well as the great new gadgets that have already come out, there are plenty of others that will be with us soon.


This Kickstarter project looks like it could offer a fun way to get around London in the future. It is kind of like a skateboard with one big wheel in the middle of it. In fact, it is called a “self-balancing electric skateboard”. It was a big success as a crowdfunding project and it also has apps that let you adjust it to fit your needs.   

Oculus Rift

There has been a lot of talk about this virtual reality headset in recent years, with a release of the Oculus Rift now expected before 2015 is out. While it is clear that it is going to be popular with gamers, it remains to be seen what other interesting uses will be found for this groundbreaking new technology.

Misfit Swarovski Shine

Smartwatches and fitness trackers have been in the news a lot lately but few if any of them look as good as the Swarovski Shine collection. These are activity tracking pieces of jewellery that are designed to look good as well as help you stay fit. They measure your daily activity, track your sleep and synchronise with your phone too.  


The idea of connected canvases is pretty amazing. These are living, immersive pieces of art that you can listen to while looking at. They are expensive items of decoration but they would certainly liven up any home or office space. Soundwall is described as the intersection of art, sounds and technology. 2015 could be its breakthrough year. 

Pacif-i Smart Pacifier

This is a described as the world's first Bluetooth smart baby pacifier, or dummy. It is designed to work in harmony with harmony with the parents' phone and pass on important information to them. In this way, the parents get informed of their baby's temperature wherever they are. It also contains a buzzer to help locate it when necessary. At the time of writing, it is waiting on a European medical device license before going on sale here.  


Image: RideOnWheel | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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