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Rewind: The Quiet Man

Rewind: The Quiet Man

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    Sep 14, 2015   Author : admin

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If you recoil in horror at the thought of watching a John Wayne movie then you have obviously never seen the fabulous film The Quiet Man.

This 1952 romantic comedy drama film is one of Wayne's finest moments, with the likes of Maureen O'Hara, Barry Fitzgerald and Ward Bond also turning in excellent performances as well.

Rather than the Wild West, the action here takes place in the calmer setting of the Irish countryside. Director John Ford won a best direct Academy award for The Quiet Man and it also picked up an academy for best cinematography.

You might already know that this movie is most famous for an incredibly long and partly humorous fight scene but there is a lot more to it than that.

The plot involves Irish born American Sean Thornton (Wayne) travelling back to Ireland to try and claim back his family's land. There, he falls in love with Mary Kate Danaher, who is played magnificently by O'Hara. 

Mary's brother – known as Will - is an obnoxious bully who wants the land that rightfully belongs to Thornton's family. Will then gets angry at losing out on the farm and responds by refusing to let his sister marry Thornton. She in turn gets upset that Thornton refuses to confront her brother, not knowing that he once accidentally killed a man in a boxing match and had vowed to never fight again.

Things come to a head when Will punches Thornton, resulting in the famously drawn out fight where the two men stop for a drink in the middle and end up settling their differences.

This is a classic movie that instantly evokes a different era, with its old-fashioned values and the setting in the gentle, beautiful Irish countryside.

Don't be put off The Quiet Man by the long fight scene. At the heart of this film is a nice love story and the tale of a man who returns to his own land and struggles to understand the culture and the customs. 


Image: TheSoulofthePlot | MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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