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Wine, Dine, Brunch and See the Gorgeous London Skyline

Wine, Dine, Brunch and See the Gorgeous London Skyline

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    Aug 05, 2016   Author : admin

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If you travel by the Tube everyday then you might never get the chance to enjoy a spectacular panoramic view of London. In that case, why not make the effort to go to one of the spots where you can see a great view of this lovely city? The good news is that there are a few different ways of doing this. Plus, you can take amazing snaps and upload it for everyone to see. Check out the breathtaking views below:

View #1: The View from The Shard

You probably already know that this sparkling new building offers a sensational view. It is the tallest building in Western Europe and the viewing area, called The View from the Shard, is 244 metres up in the sky. This is far higher than any other vantage point in the capital and lets you see for up to 40 miles. This summer you can even enjoy London's highest afternoon tea up there or have a gin and tonic flavour ice cream.  A summer garden installation will be in place until September.  You will also find some great restaurants and bars in The Shard at any time of year. For example, Aqua Shard offers British cuisine on the 31st floor and Gong is a classy cocktail bar that sits dramatically on the 52nd floor. Otherwise, Ting is on the 35th floor and offers European food with an Asian touch. The 32nd level is where you will find Oblix, which is a sophisticated spot for urban casual dining.     

View #2: The London Coca Cola Eye

This rotating wheel is one of the classic options for seeing London from a great height. It isn't just for tourists to the city, although you may have to join a long queue of them in order to go up here. The maximum height reached by the glass capsules is 135 metres, at which point you are able to see a magnificent 360 degree view of London.     

View #3: Up to the O2

For a thrilling and unforgettable way of viewing London you could head out on to the roof of the O2 building. It isn't as high as some other vantage points in the city but it is very exciting. This is a guided tour that lets you walk over a tensile fabric walkway some 53 metres off the ground. You then get led to an observation deck, from where you can see a glorious 360 degree view of the city. 

View #4: Sushi Samba London

Sushi Samba is a a thrilling restaurant in London where you will get a chance to experience overseeing a stunning view of the city skyline whilst enjoying a sumptuos meal. It's considered as the second highest restaurants in London, so you're definitely in for an exciting treat! It may be busy on most days, but the astonishing view is worth the visit. 

View #5: TING Restaurant & Lounge

Another place worth noting is the TING restaurant and lounge located on Level 35 at the Shangri-La hotel in London. It is considered as the highest building in London to date, so you can expect an even more spectacular view whilst lounging in the area. You can get to see The Tower of London, the Tower Bridge, Canary Whard, St. Paul's Cathedral and the City of London itself.

Images: TraverseEarth, EvanEvansTours, CompletelyLondon, TheTimes, TheShard, MYC Writer: Robert Bell

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