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6 Summer Fitness Activities to Break A Sweat

6 Summer Fitness Activities to Break A Sweat

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    Jul 14, 2015   Author : admin

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The birds are chirping, the sun is shining happily and the humid air is blowing which only means that summer is finally here! Make the most out of your summer vacation by breaking a sweat as there’s no excuse to get lazy and bum around all summer long. Say goodbye to boring gym sessions, as you might want to try these 6 fun summer fitness activities:

1. Explore the outdoors and go hiking

With clear bright skies and perfect crisp weather during the summer, hiking is indeed a popular outdoor and fitness activity to try among the young and old ones. Conquer new mountains this season and be captivated by the breathtaking views they provide and be sure to get your camera ready for that perfect sunrise or sunset at the peak! However if climbing mountains is not your thing or if you’re still a newbie, you could follow the easy breezy trails in several national parks and start from there. In the end, you’ll get addicted to the feeling and you might want to consider hiking a more challenging terrain.

2. Play volleyball

Beach volleyball is a well-liked fitness activity especially during the summer. Who wouldn’t love the thought of playing volleyball and feeling the back-burning heat of the sun? However, one can still enjoy playing volleyball even without the beach! Did you know that you could easily sweat and burn calories as high as 496 calories in just one game? Go call out your girlfriends and schedule volleyball sessions at least twice or thrice a week. Not known to many, volleyball is a great way of toning and strengthening your muscles especially the ones in your core, arms and legs. You’ll not only enjoy playing the game but you’ll surely be surprised to see your body getting toned in the long run.

3. Go don on your bikini and go swimming

The perfect way to enjoy your summer is to go swimming. Harness your swimming skills and perfect your freestyle, breast, back and butterfly strokes at the nearest public pool near your place or better yet use that gym pool you’ve only been passing by all these months. You’ll definitely love the idea of swimming for hours, as this is definitely a calorie- burning fitness activity and a total-body workout that might work best on you. An excellent cardio exercise, swimming can also give you a healthier and stronger heart.

4. Go on a kayaking cruise and burn those calories away

Going on a kayaking trip is a fun way for those who would like to get the most out of their summer vacation. What’s not to love about it? Kayaking gives you the opportunity to go nature tripping and at the same time it lets you burn calories as high as 400 calories per hour. Kayaking is also a great way to tone your shoulders, back as well as your abs. Not known to many, kayaking involves abdomen and obliques workouts through rotational movements thus giving you a well-sculptured abs. Here are some kayaking companies that you might want to consider:

  1. This kayaking company offers two kinds of kayak tours around London which you can choose from: Like-Minded Londoners and Little Venice and Back.
  2. London Kayak Tours offer several tours that are ideal for beginners. You can choose from: 2 for 1 Regents Canal, Hampton Court Kayak Tour with Tuition 90 minutes, Hampton Court Palace & Paddle Tour, and Windsor 2-4-1 Taste One Hour Kayak Tour.

5. Go out on a bicycle ride

Ever fancy getting a nip of fresh air while riding a bicycle especially now that it’s summertime? The simplest way to incorporate cycling to your daily routine is by riding your bicycle from home to work and vice versa. Riding a bike for about 40-60 minutes a day can help you burn calories as high as 400-500 depending on your pace. Biking outdoors also gives you the chance to enjoy the passing sceneries, thus it is a bonus point beside the fact that it is a proven weight-loss outdoor activity.

6. Get in tip top shape by giving

Bikram yoga a try Yoga has a lot of health benefits from improving your posture, increasing your flexibility to calming your mind but many are clueless about the fact that yoga is also a relaxing way to shed some pounds and break a sweat. Bikram yoga also known as hot yoga is an effective way to lose weight as it allows your body to sweat profusely during the one-hour session inside a 105-degree yoga room. Here are some of the yoga studios you might want to give a try:

1.Fitzrovia (Soho) Studio

   Address: Threeways House

   Bolsover Street

   London, W1W 5DW

2. Bikram Highbury & Islington

    Address: Studio 19, 

    The Studios Islington

    8 Hornsey Street

    London N7 8EG

3. Bikram Yoga London Centre

   100 Belmont Dr. Unit 4A

   London on N6J 3T4


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Written by MYC Contributor Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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