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6 Ways To Sneak In More Protein For Breakfast

6 Ways To Sneak In More Protein For Breakfast

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    Jul 17, 2015   Author : admin

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Carbs have a reputation for revving you up for the day with energy, but if we’re really talking about foods that can fill you up longer, protein is the macronutrient with staying power. It improves body functions and maintenance by repairing and building tissues like muscle, producing hormones and enzymes, and generally being an important component for blood, skin, and bones. Protein, especially lean sources, is also said to be great for fat loss, so without further ado, we have compiled ways for you to get your protein serving in for breakfast.

Have protein-packed grains

Ease into a high-protein breakfast while not completely leaving your carb-loaded comforts with protein-packed grains. Among these are spelt which has nearly 15 grams of protein, millet, which has 11 grams of protein, and brown rice, which has 7 grams of protein. Amaranth and quinoa are seeds but are cooked and eaten much like grains—they hit 14 grams and 13 grams of protein respectively. Try out Spelt Blueberry Pancakes or a Quinoa Breakfast Bowl to get you going.

* Measure per 100 grams.

Meats that aren’t eggs

Eggs are one of the most common protein sources people have for breakfast, but there are options beyond these favorites, namely fish and chicken. Fish averages at 20 grams of protein and is available in a variety, such as tuna, salmon, halibut, and tilapia. These Egg Benedicts with Smoked Salmon are great for savory-breakfast lovers and gets in a large serving so early in the day! Some serious bodybuilders and health buffs don’t hesitate to have chicken for breakfast, too. Having it in sausage form may be a great start.

Legumes and beans

This is perfect for vegetarians—or for non-vegetarians, of course. Soybeans and edamame are your best source of protein for this group, averaging around 28 grams and 22 grams for every 1 cup serving. Here’s a recipe for edamame.

High-protein dairy

With high-protein dairy, Greek yogurt comes to mind, and that’s actually right. But there’s also cottage cheese (15 grams of protein per serving), cheddar cheese (12 grams), and milk (8 grams). For a breakfast recipe, try this summer-perfect breakfast parfait. Or, for the cold months, heat your oven up with these muffins.

Protein powder/supplements

And lastly, if you’re crazy for smoothies—or just generally crazy for breakfast—one scoop of protein powder goes a long way. They come in flavored, too, so you have a lot of options and a lot of room to play up your breakfast menus. Have a go at this pancake recipe or this smoothie recipe.


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