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5 Ways to Freshen and Prepare Your Home this Spring

5 Ways to Freshen and Prepare Your Home this Spring

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    Apr 15, 2016   Author : admin

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The mood to declutter and refreshen the home seems to be natural once spring arrives. The cold months prior puts most of our houses in a dry, dusty state; the blooms of spring and the warmer weather is something we all look forward to feeling and bringing into our daily lives. With that, we have compiled a list of the most important things you have to do to prepare your home for spring. Put a good song on and start cleaning!

1) Wipe and dust off features and furniture of your home.

Surely, with the time that has gone by, some of the features and furniture of your home has accumulated dirt you don’t want to keep around in spring (or year-long). Check your windows and remove dust and mold. Carpets, rugs, and mats have undoubtedly collected much dust—and stains, too, more than often—so clean them very well or, if you must, replace them. The same goes for your blinds and draperies; chandelier and other light fixtures; and other furniture.

2) De-clutter. 

In the bathroom, you may have cosmetics, lotions, and skincare products that you haven’t used for a long time, or you have no plans of using at all. Give these away if they’re still in great, unused condition. Your medicine cabinet needs to be decluttered, too; contact local pharmacies to be oriented about proper disposal.

Likewise, your food pantry has to be updated. Check foods for their expiration dates and throw those you can’t use anymore. Make notes about using foods that are nearing expiration, too, if you can!

3) Clean interior and exterior systems.

Interior and exterior systems include the practical systems that work hard to give your home a comfortable quality to it. These are the air conditioners, gutters, heating, and ventilation systems. Let’s throw in your appliances to the mix, too. Have them repaired or cleaned up by someone else if it’s not within your capabilities to do it.

4) Add pops of color and patterns.

Spring, as is with the advent of any season, is a great excuse to redecorate your home. You don’t need to check the season’s trends and colors; more often than not, you just have to go with your own preferences and tastes, and see what you like the most for spring. Paint your wall with it, insert patterns into frames and put it on your tables, change your pillowcases—incorporate it into your home.

Another tip is to decorate your home with greens—plants and flowers work. These instantly add liveliness to any room.

5) Recreate room arrangements.

Rearranging the total set-up of your rooms gives an instant “newness” to it. It can also help you clean up better, because you will be spotting things that need to be brushed off, repaired, eliminated, and upgraded. Also consider an arrangement that can make moving around and accomplishing chores quicker and better, as is needed by areas like the laundry room.

5) Let the light in.

For spring, open the windows wide. It’s appropriate for many reasons: letting the warm weather in and having the breeze circulate throughout the house; allowing much light to create the illusion of bigger spaces, and, finally, getting you into the mood for the season.

Happy spring cleaning!

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