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You Can Workout in the Office -- Here’s How!

You Can Workout in the Office -- Here’s How!

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

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One dilemma faced by us who commit to working out is getting enough activity on days when we also have work, and the facets of difficulties can be more than one: we’re too groggy in the morning to squeeze in a workout, or too exhausted after work to make it to the gym. We’re left with time in the office, but can we get things moving while on our desk jobs? Apparently, we can.

We listed some workouts doable while in the office. It’s nothing hardcore, but the point is we’re getting busier and more active. Check out the list to see what you can do:

Quick Feet

To warm up, football players do this thing where they run in place in a very quick pace. It’s actually more like tapping the feet than running (or jogging), and here is a demo. This is a quick, light cardio burst that you can do.

Plié Squats

Plié squats lean towards a workout you can’t do with anyone around—unless you want to look like you’re making a gym out of the office—so do this secretly. Widen your legs and point your toes out, then make squats holding that position. To make it harder, lift one ankle up so that you’re squatting on the toes of one of your feet. Hello, thighs.

Arm Circles

This is a really simple workout for your arms, and you can do this while reading. For arm circles, extend your arms in such a way that your whole body forms a T. Flex your muscles, and then make circles. When you feel like putting your arms down, don’t.

Leg Pull-Ins

Right, this workout includes your legs but more so attack your lower abdomen. Sit tall on a quarter of your chair, almost on the edge, and hold on to the back of your chair just behind the buttocks. Stretch your legs out, then lean back a little so that you’re in a tilted position, then do a crunch by pulling your legs in and lifting yourself forward at the same time. Abs tight!

Tricep Dips

Yet another chair workout, tricep dips uses your body weight. Basically, you use the edge of your chair and your triceps to lower yourself into the floor and back up. Here is a great video that teaches you how to do it, and how to avoid mistakes.

Wall Sits

Wall sits are a pretty mindless workout that can burn the thighs the longer you hold it. Flatten yourself on the wall and imagine a chair underneath you so that you are positioned like you are sitting. Get a book, too, so that you’re practically working while working out.

Standing Push-Ups

It’s like wall push-ups (which you can also do in the office) but with a table, and you’re in a slightly more diagonal position. Hold on to the edge of your desk or any other sturdy furniture in a leaning position and do a push-up.


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