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3 Patio Decorating Tips Perfect for Spring

3 Patio Decorating Tips Perfect for Spring

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    Apr 01, 2016   Author : admin

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It's a fact that majority of people who are in London live in flats. This may be a good idea since it's budget-friendly and not time-consuming when cleaning the house. However, the downside is that you don't have the ability to grow your own garden, whether for veggies, herbs or flowers. Flats, in reality, aren't the best places to do it. But regardless of having a small space to deal with, we give you tips on how to make the most of your flat living and still grow a garden. With just a little bit of care, attention and proper planning, you'll have your dream patio garden done in no time. See our easy tips below:

Make the Most of Size

How do you make the most of small outdoor space? Well, there are actually a few different things that you can do. You can use wine boxes to create a ‘staircase’ that allows you to plant large amounts of herbs and flowers despite living in a very small space. On the other hand, you can also use shelves, boxes or even jars mounted on the side of your building to help you plant anything you want without taking up any of your valuable seating space. Finally, you have the option to plant your flowers or foods in a pot or jar on your windowsill. Just make sure they’re going to get plenty of light wherever you plant them (or that you’re going to have something that doesn’t require a lot of light).

Make the most of your patio garden space with these items:

1) Solar Sitting Buddha, £24.00 2) Cast Iron Bird Bath by Dibor, £12 3) Contemporary Tealight Holder Garden Wall Art by Garden Selections, £30 4) Aged Ceramics 3 Piece Round Pot Planter Set by Fallen Fruits, £37.99 5) Water Chimenea by Gardeco, £42.99

Grow the Most Effective Items

You want to make sure that you’re getting the most out of your garden. Remember you don’t have a lot of space so that means you want to make sure you’re growing something that doesn’t take a lot of space. Many flowers, as well as herbs or veggies, can be grown quite close together. You’re going to get the most for your needs if you’re careful. If you’re looking to get some herbs or veggies from your garden, things like tomatoes, basil, Chili's and chives are some of the best because they take up very little space. Many flowers will allow you to grow quite a few different species of flowers in one small pot or space. 

Plan it Out

Carefully planning out everything for your garden is essential to getting as much as possible into the space. Consider what you need most (color or food) and then start designing from there. Planning and taking into consideration what you really need is how you’ll get the most out of your garden.

Images: PineValleyGardens, BambooLandscaping, | MYC Writer: Samantha Riviera

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