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7 Reasons Why We Want La La Land to Take Home All The Oscars

7 Reasons Why We Want La La Land to Take Home All The Oscars

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    Jan 13, 2017   Author : admin


As one of the front runners in the awards race this year, La la land’s appeal is pretty universal. It achieved the toughest - being able to grab the audiences AND be a beautifully made serious piece of cinema at the same time. It was just as relatable to us as to LA’s dreamers and artists who struggle to make their art visible. And, it had us singing to its tune.

Here’s a few reasons why it stands out at a favorite pick in the Oscars for us - and why you shouldn’t miss your chance to watch it at the theater this weekend!

It’s a befitting tribute to LA!

La La Land celebrates the spirit of the city of dreams. It takes you within its magical walls and gives you the insider view into Hollywood and its many by lanes. All the small time artists with big dreams and their daily struggles as they go to their umpteenth auditions and end up running the cash registers at the Holly neighborhood cafe.

A great shoutout to classic musicals

As soon as the movie begins, we get the same feeling we had while watching Grease for the first time. The peppy dance number and the foot tapping choreography, seamlessly blended into the storyline is a HUGE nod to the classic musicals that we love and miss.

The romance in the film moves you 

The romance between a struggling Jazz pianist (Sebastian) and an aspiring actress (Mia) is just so real! They connect because of their passion for art while they encourage each other to follow their dreams.

Every Scene is a piece of artwork

The couple in love steals a date at an observatory or dances in the backdrop of a Hollywood skyline - each frame in the movie, the color schemes, are like out of canvas. It just isn’t merely a movie - it’s art!

Even the jazz-cats would approve of this! 

Director Damien Chazelle surprised us with his take on Jazz, with Whiplash and he has successfully done it again. The film gives jazz a slightly romantic outlook, and even though the genre is misunderstood at times, it manages to take a true insight out of the real book!

It has a gorgeous soundtrack that soothes your soul

You will go back home humming “City of Stars”. That is a guarantee.

Emma Stone’s dance moves 

Mady Moore’s choreography perfectly fits each vein in the movie, and Emma Stone nails all the dance moves like a true pro! Ryan may be rough around the edges but he definitely makes it up with his charms.


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