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Kicking off Binging Season with a Bang Netflix in January

Kicking off Binging Season with a Bang Netflix in January

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    Jan 06, 2017   Author : admin

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With the schedule for January being out, we can already start putting our plans in place.

2017 looks totally exciting with some big shows coming out with fresh new season all through the year (yes, including Game of Thrones!). The first month itself begins  with a bang on the streaming channel though, with fresh TV shows hitting our screens, and some totally interesting movies. Also, wondering which shows are making a return to our lives? Keep reading!

Lemony Snicket's A Series of Unfortunate Events : Available: 13 January 

Daniel Handler's best-selling children's novels goes through a whimsical facelift in this interesting adaptation. The story follows  the Baudelaire orphans trio who perpetually run into the evil Count Olaf, whose intention is to score their fortune.

The series is a dark take on the familiar tale, and by the trailer it looks especially magical. Maybe, our new favorite show is right here? Neil Patrick Harris’s performance is definitely something we are looking forward to. 

Frontier: Season 1   Available 20 January 

Jason Momoa (Khal Drogo, for Game of Thrones watchers), stars in this Canadian-American historical drama. The series is about an outlaw trying to breach Hudson Bay Company’s monopoly on the fur trade. The high production value and the intense story line shows immense promise and the series is all set to have a second season soon.

Riverdale :Season 1 Available 27 January 

Joining the ranks of Netflix Exclusives, with new episodes that shall be available weekly from its premier is brand new CW series Riverdale. You guessed it right, that’s the Riverdale from our beloved archie comics.

The series, however, is a thriller adaptation of the well-known romance-comedy comic books. And all our favorite characters - Betty, Veronica and the others - undergo a character facelift!

Honestly, we have mixed feelings about this, but we are not giving up on Archie world without giving this a fair chance -amirite!

The other Netflix Exclusives shows with weekly new episodes are Beyond and  Shadowhunters. 

Drag Me To Hell  Available: 11 January 

For horror lovers - here’s a scare fest that you cannot refuse. The 2011 movie comes from director Sam Raimi, of The Evil Dead fame. The horror-comedy is a rare breed in itself, but manages to hit all the right spots.

Starring Alison Lohman and Justin Long, the film is about a loan officer who accidentally lands herself a curse after wrongly evicting an old woman from her house. Will the evil forces damn her soul before she can get help from a seer and save herself?


MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta    (My Yellow Canary do not have any ownership of any brand/image/video displayed in this article)

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