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The Week that Was: 6/1/2017

The Week that Was: 6/1/2017

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    Jan 13, 2017   Author : admin


In the first week of 2017, the world is still trying to come to terms with the brutal nightclub attack in Turkey on New Year’s Eve. With security departments around the world on high alert, Turkish police detained several suspects of the attack, which was claimed by ISIS.

The Queen is reportedly feeling ‘better’ after suffering a heavy cold, while the UK appoints new ambassador to European Union, who could bring tougher negotiations between the two sides,

U.S. President-elect Donald Trump, who’ll become US President in two weeks, backed Julian Assange’s claims over Russia not hacking US election results.

UK News

The Queen is feeling ‘better’ after suffering a heavy cold.

UK military has plans to build a laser weapon;

UK’s new ambassador to EU is a ‘tough negotiator’.

World  News

Turkish police detains several suspects of the nightclub attack, which left 39 people killed in Istanbul.

Donald Trump backs Julian Assange that Russia didn’t hack US election results.

The world welcomes 2017 with festivities.


Alibaba takes legal action vendors for selling counterfeit goods.

UK car sales reached their all-time high in 2016.

Fuel prices in UK rise to highest since July 2015.


Racing drivers and gamers preparing for $1M-worth Vegas eRace:.

Tiger Woods to have a busy schedule in 2017 after comeback.

105-year-old cyclist sets new record.


Sherlock actor answers critics after ‘Sherlock Bond’ debates.

How Mariah Carey’s New Year’s Eve performance went wrong.

A heart-wrenching tribute for Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds in Bright Lights.


Intel VR headset turns living room into game,

Passenger rescue drone could become airborne by 2020.

Self-driving cars become a huge topic at CES 2017.

This time in History

January 6: in 1838, Samuel Morse debuted his telegraph system.

January 4: in 1999, European Union debuted the euro.

January 2: in 1980, US-Russia detente ended with US President Jimmy Carter asking the Senate to postpone action on the SALT II nuclear weapons treaty


MYC  Bulletin Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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