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5 Everyday Life Challenges 30+ Grown Ups Face

5 Everyday Life Challenges 30+ Grown Ups Face

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    Dec 07, 2016   Author : admin

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Most people don’t realize that it’s crucial to have free time to yourself and do the things that reboot your brain and allow you to take your mind off work completely.

But the problem with most people is that they start freaking out every time they get distracted from work (even at home after work). But it’s actually vital to get distracted from time to time, whether it’s going to the gym, riding a bicycle, reading a book or watching football, whatever works best for you.

Every time 30+ working people get transferred overseas and finish their work there, they tend to get confused over what to do with the remaining lease time on tenancy. 20+ adults would probably prefer going to nightclubs, but 30+ working people are most of the times past nightclubbing all night long.

Since being a 30+-year-old has certain responsibilities you need to take care of, questions over what to do with your money arise more often. The challenge is that you need to make a choice: to save money for deposit or spend it on some fancy thing like a new IT bag or the latest Apple Watch.

Balancing between career and personal life is also a common challenge for modern 30+ working people. Being a 30+-year-old means you need to be put at least some effort in creating a family, but some people think their career is more important than that.

Last but not least, when you go beyond your 30s, physical activity becomes more crucial than when you were a 20-year-old. Sitting in the office for 8 hours per day poses a number of risks for your health, which is why you’ll have to overcome your laziness and dedicated at least half an hour to daily physical activity. 

It’s no secret that in addition to their working-related challenges, working people face dozens of life-related challenges every day. And when you’re beyond your 30s, the list of those challenges grows even longer.

The most widespread challenge 30+ working people face is struggling to find free time and at the same time not knowing what to do with their free time when they finally get it. 


MYC Lifestyle Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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