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Fashion Blogger Phenomenon: What’s Behind? MYC interviews London based blogger Francesca Badaraco

Fashion Blogger Phenomenon: What’s Behind? MYC interviews London based blogger Francesca Badaraco

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    Nov 18, 2016   Author : admin

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An exclusive interview with Francesca Badaraco, a young and talented Fashion blogger based in London

In the last couple of years, media have generated a revolution in the way we perceive fashion and all the jobs related to the industry.

It’s not just about fashion designers anymore, as you’ve probably noticed, trend setters and fashion bloggers now occupy a great slice of the industry and, to better understand who these famous bloggers really are, we have interviewed @laprincesca exclusively for the Canary.

Despite her young age, Francesca Badaraco has moved from Germany to London to study fashion and settle herself as a trend setter and fashion blogger and we can say that, according to her 30K followers, she’s doing it right!

Enjoy the exclusive interview below and share this article on your social pages too!

Daniela Pisciottano: I’ve seen you’re doing pretty well with your blog and Instagram account… wow, more than 30 thousand followers!

In first place then, the legit question I guess is: how did you manage to get to all of these people from around the world to follow you? It must have taken so much passion and patience to get to such amazing results!

Francesca Badaraco: Hello Dani, I am really happy to do this interview for The Canary with you today!

First of all yes that's true, followers such as readers don't come from nothing and behind all of it, either Instagram or my blog, it's all a lot of work. I started Instagram when I was 16 and I used to have a private account just for my family and friends. However when I was around 17 years old I had the idea to start blogging about things that I love, such as fashion and traveling. So I changed my very personal Instagram to a public account to share my blog with as many people as possible. Of course those huge numbers don't come from one day to another but I think if you are passionate about something, not matter what, you should start sharing your passion and love with others and try to connect with other people from all over the world, it can be so inspiring. And my personal answer to how you get people to actually want to follow you is just being yourself and keeping reality to it.

D.P: So, what made you decide to leave Germany and come to the UK to study fashion and establish yourself as a blogger?

F.B: I moved to London to follow my heart but especially my dreams. Since the first time I visited London, my dream was to work and live here one day.  Little did I know that this huge dream would come true three years later. I applied for a fashion course and luckily got offered a place at a college in Chelsea, that's the main reason why I moved to London one year ago. However I do believe London is an amazing place for bloggers, even if there are already millions of them, it's still one of the best places to be, especially for fashion.

D.P: So far, what has been the hardest thing to deal with while living in the UK? How have you dealt with combining your academic studies and the necessity to take care of your blog and Ig account to keep your followers loyal?

F.B: I honestly have to say, that living in such a huge city without family is not easy at all, and I guess I am talking here for everyone that is studying abroad away from home. However I think there are so many reasons to be happy about when there is such an amazing opportunity given! The hardest thing for me personally I would say is to handle everything, from A-Z on my own, especially in times when a lot comes together and it's like you can't just ask someone from your family for help because they are not here. But yes having studied a full time course and having tried to keep my blog "alive" during that time was really hard. I can't lie but it came down whether my studies or my blog were more important, and I guess that wasn't easy at all.

D.P: It’s clear that you are working hard to get where you want to be; what are your plans for the future? Do you already see yourself working in a specific field already?

F.B: My wishes and hopes for the future are really big! I honestly have really big dreams! All I know is that I would like to complete my BA successfully and work in the fashion industry one day, such as working in another city like NY or Paris. I would love to grow more and more into the blogger thing and wouldn't mind doing it as a real part time job next to my studies (which is kind of what I am doing now but I would like to expand that) or full time job after my studies. I am not 100% sure about where life will take me but I am really excited about what's next to come.

D.P: To conclude this great interview with a cherry on top, do you have any kind of advice for those who are looking forward to becoming bloggers/trend setters?

F.B: All I can say to everyone who wants to become a blogger is that whatever it is you are passionate about, always go for it, create a blog, start writing, let others know what your passion is and don't be scared to be the real you. So many bloggers out there are trying to persuade something they're not and I just believe being yourself is the most beautiful thing anyone can be! One thing I have to admit is that if you want to be successful as a blogger, be open, share personal things, and like I already said just be yourself, it's the best you can be, whether as a blogger, a writer, a model, whoever you are!

Well, thanks a lot for your time Francesca and we are sure that we will keep hearing about you in the years to come!

In case you’ve missed her Instagram page, go follow Francesca on her Ig @laprincesca and don’t forget to follow the Canary too @myyellowcanary

Images: Francesca Badaraco | MYC Fashion Writer: Daniela Pisciottano

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