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Introducing the Characters of Now You See Me 2

Introducing the Characters of Now You See Me 2

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    Jul 01, 2016   Author : admin


Back in 2013 Now You See Me 2 made for a runaway hit. Even though, it went against biggies like Man of Steel, the magician-heist film seemed to have hit the right chord with the audience. No wonder the makers wanted to fast track the release for a sequel to the thrilling caper. So here we are, about to be enchanted by the Four Horsemen yet again. The cast has undergone some changes and that is why we thought you would like an update on the who’s who in the film. For starters (and much to our disappointment) Isla Fisher will not be returning after a near accident while filming Now You See Me and also due to her pregnancy.  

If you are one of the few who had missed out on the awesomeness of the prequel - here’s a good time to catch up on all the characters before the new film hits the screens!

Dylan Rhodes (Mark Ruffalo) – Played by Mark Ruffalo, Dylan Rhodes was the most intriguing character in Now You See Me 2. An FBI close on the Four Horsemen’s heel actually turned out to be in ropes with them. In the sequel we get a better insight into this character and perhaps some bigger surprises.

J. Daniel Atlas ( Jesse Eisenberg) – Aka The Lover and the leader of the Four Horsemen. And, fresh off the Batman vs. Superman Lex Luthor fame!

Jack Wilder ( Dave Franco) – We saw him faking his own death in the first installment and now he’s back as Jack Wilder the “Death”. Dave Franco reprises his role from the prequel and we expect to be charmed by him this time around as well. 


Merritt McKinney ( Woody Harrelson) – A man of many talents and named after the Hermit tarot card – Merritt McKinney is skilled and adds the stern comical effect to balance out the Four Horsemen equation. 

Lula (Lizzy Caplan) – Isla Fischer’s Henley Reeves makes way for Lizzy Caplan’s Lula as a major change in the cast. Apparently she has magical abilities that we are dying to see. Also, we are keeping a lookout for the quintessential Lizzy Caplan style humor. 

Thadeus Bradley (Morgan Freeman) – The mastermind behind the Four Horsemen might have been busted by Dylan Rhodes in the end of the first film – but he still appears to be pulling some strings- from prison. After all, he’s Morgan Freeman! 

Arthur Tressler (Michael Caine) – Insurance giant and the sponsor for the Horsemen who ultimately ended up being robbed by them instead! He and Thadeus are on team revenge right now.

Walter Tressler (Daniel Radcliffe) -  And finally, Daniel Radcliffe as Arthur Tressler’s son and a totally amateur magician makes the cut for the best cast addition! Radcliffe in a film about magic, yet again, seems like a genius idea. Also, we are intrigues to see what antics he might have in store since he plays the son of one of the victims seeking revenge!



Images – Lionsgate, Summit Entertainment | MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta

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