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7 Things you Need to Know About The Conjuring 2

7 Things you Need to Know About The Conjuring 2

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    Jun 17, 2016   Author : admin


If the name “The Conjuring” rings a bell, you’re probably aware how strong hearted you’ll need to be for revisiting the bone-chilling franchise for a second time. It is a franchise that is known not to hold back on the horrors, but what makes these films an even scarier experience is the fact that they are actually based on true events. So, prepare yourself for a gruesome paranormal experience at the cinemas this weekend as The Conjuring 2 makes its release. But make sure you know these facts about the film that will make the experience even better (or what)!

It is the much-awaited sequel to 2013’s “The Conjuring”

First up stating the obvious – it’s a sequel to the franchise that kicked off with “The Conjuring”. The events of this movie pick up 6 years after the Amityville haunting. Director James Wan returns to direct the sequel after briefly stepping out of genre to make the “Furious 7” film. 

Ed and Lorraine Warren Set Out on a New Journey  

Like its predecessor, the movie follows the journey of real life paranormal investigators Ed and Lorraine Warren (Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson) – this time to investigate a new case in Enfield in 1977.

The Film Follows the Real Case of Enfield Council House Poltergeist Activity

The haunting episode the film is based on is actually inspired by the real life events experience by the Hodgson family. The family consisting of divorced mother Margaret Hodgson and her four children experienced paranormal events and phenomenon throughout their lives at the Enfield House. Daughter Janet, was especially tormented by the poltergeist and her levitating episode is one which has the skeptics still confused. The case was actually one of the most heavily documented paranormal cases in history. While most of the episodes in the film are based on the real case, the film does take some liberty in exaggerating some scenes while some of it is also rooted in fiction.

Lorraine Warren is Still Alive

The real Lorraine Warren is still alive and actors Vera Farmiga and Patrick Wilson met her before the shooting of the film. She also has an artifacts room from her investigations. 


Actress Madison Wolfe Met The Actual Janet

Likewise, actress Madison Wolfe who plays Janet Hodgson also met the real Janet prior to playing her.

There is a Spin-Off Movie in the Cards

“The Conjuring” had a spin off series in “Annabelle”, and “The Conjuring-2” will also soon have a spin-off made to be titled “The Nun”.

There is a Chance There Might be a “The Conjuring 3”

Though there are no official announcements yet, the makers might actually think of another follow up sequel. Since, the franchise was kicked off to follow the Warren investigations and the makers had actually acquired rights to 27 of the Warren cases, it makes us think this franchise will be giving us more films for a while.

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Images by Warner Bros, Video: YouTube | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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