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Thermal Highlighting Is the New "Rainbow" Strobing Technique

Thermal Highlighting Is the New "Rainbow" Strobing Technique

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    Jun 08, 2016   Author : admin

Sometimes, it's hard to keep up with fashion. But it's even harder to keep up with the beauty industry wherein almost anything is possible in terms of makeup. Recently, we stumbled upon a Youtube makeup tutorial from Cookiechiplry, and boy where we amused! This new brightening trend is called the "Thermal Highlighter" technique, and if you're one playful makeup enthusiast, you'll definitely want to try it out!

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According to the Youtube tutorial, thermal highlighting is pretty much playing with your rainbow-inspired makeup palette and amping it up even more. The technique is meant to mimic the electric hues of a thermal body scan pinpointing the varying temperatures of different areas, and this is what you usually see when you head to the doctor for a checkup! 

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This beauty trend, however, is just rather perfect for a photoshoot, Instagram snap or tutorial and cannot be taken seriously in real life. Seventeen reports, "Thermal highlighting is ~hotter~ than anything you've seen before. Inspired by the neon colors of a thermal image of the face, these makeup looks are otherworldly cool." See what we mean by saying it's meant for the sci-fi fans out there?

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If you're looking to try out this new beauty trend, feel free to press the play button below for the whole Youtube tutorial:

Images:, Youtube | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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