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6 Perfect Fitness wear brands that take your Workout Fashion a Notch up

6 Perfect Fitness wear brands that take your Workout Fashion a Notch up

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    Jul 01, 2016   Author : admin

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These days it is getting harder to keep on having a lazy lifestyle with all of these celebrities and bloggers posting their training routines and results on social networks. 

So, maybe now it’s time to get up from the sofa, put the Oreos back in the cupboard and go buy a gym outfit to look stunning even while we are sweating (obv!).

To start building up your fitness wardrobe you may want to find some Inspiration and Instagram is the best way to do it; with plenty of celebrities launching their own activewear collections, like Beyoncé’s “Ivy Park” , or supporting activewear collections from stock-up shops, such as Forever21, you will definitely find the right inspiration for you.

Alternatively, we are here to help you, so just read the article and you will know everything you need to know.

If you want to go for a garment to train, then you should consider shopping from the giants of the activewear industry. So, a part from the over-known brands, such as Nike, ADIDAS or Puma, you can decide to have a look at the following quality activewear brands where you surely will find the (expensive yet fashionably comfortable) piece that you are looking for.


As stateted on the brand’s website, a “luxury activewear for the water”.

With an extremely expensive price range, Duskii, must be offering high quality activewear products, made with good quality materials and suitable for every kind of activity, from surfing to simply swimming. The brand, now on sale all over the world, only offers swimwear, but we thought that it definitely deserved a space in this list because of the luxury pieces that you will get shopping at this brand. The articles are crafted using high quality neopreme and swing from bikini tops to surf leggings, at the same time stretchy and light.


The brand’s slogan is “Style meets sport” and, with a contemporary look, this American brand is actually conquering the worldwide markets by selling good quality products at reasonably expensive prices. The products, in fact, mostly all are prices around $100, with bras from $45and gym tops from $90. The brand’s contemporary look is also reflected in the clothing that they offer, which are set in very diverse collections, from the basic black bras, tops and leggings to the sensual yet comfortable breathable tanks and slimming tights. 

So, if you have some spare money from your salary this month and you want to invest on a quality piece for your training sessions, now you know where to look at!


This brand is slowly making a little space among the “giants” of activewear production. With a various offer of items, from pants, bras and tees, to accessories, such as headwear and underwear, they are becoming one of the first sources for runners and trainers in general. What’s really unique about this brand is that they often have in-store training classes for free, demonstrating a customer-friendly environment inside the shop and in general, making customers want to come back.

Although the expensive piece of Lululemon’ s items (a pair of basic black pants are $98, while Nike’s are $95 and Athleta $79), the brand is still very requested among professionals and amateurs who are more than happy to spend a little more getting a quality piece in exchange.

* Otherwise, if you really don’t want spend a fortune on clothes in which you are going to horribly sweat in, here are some cheaper but still valuable options. A part from Decathlon’s famous cheap but good activewear, here are three brands currently selling training clothing that you may have not heard of.

Forever 21

As per usual the brand is offering us fast fashion to look great without having to spend all of our savings. Forever21, in fact, has recently launched an activewear collection, complete of all garments and accessories, from underwear and bras to Capri leggings and performance shorts. The prices are always very tempting, with bras from £15 and leggings from £10, but, to make sure that the quality of the garment is good enough for the use that you will make of it, is always better to try them on and see if they are comfortable and suitable for your activities. 

Yes, you could find higher quality garments, but the price-quality relation that this brand is offering possibly has no equals at all on the current activewear market!

Victoria’s Secret

Who wouldn’t love to look like a Victoria’s angel while excerciting with all the makeup straining on our faces? This is not a dream anymore, Victoria’s Secret, in fcat, has launched a stunning activewear line and, for those of you who don’t’ know, everything labelled Victoria’s Secret just looks amazing on every woman.

The price range is surprisingly cheap, with bras starting from only £11 and tops from £14. As if offering us a whole range of collections from where choosing our sportswear, the brand also sells accessories, from Sport-packs to “no-show” panties.

Björn Borg

Björn Borg is a unique sportspear brand with a specific brand image, which seems to be pretty aimed to strong women (and men) who want to feel their body protected and comfortable while they are working out. Their clothing is, in fact, inspired by traditional body armour, looking wrapping yet light at the same time to allow the body exercise in complete freedom of movement. The brand offers a wide range of apparel, from clothing to shoes and accessories as well. With an accessible range of prices, starting from £15, their collections are available both online at ASOS and at the department store House of Fraser. The brand has recently also launched an underwear section, showcasing tribal prints and warm colours, like oranges and reds. 

So, now that you have all of the information that you need, what are you waiting for? Get off the sofa and go buy some quality sportswear to start training!

As to the quality, it may not beat the £300 swimsuits or leggings, but still it is made using good and suitable materials to practice sports and, as an add-up, you have that you can buy a stock of bras or tees and use a different one each day of the week!

Images:, | MYC Writer: Daniela Pisciottano

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