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Is London the Best City for a Vegetarian or Vegan?

Is London the Best City for a Vegetarian or Vegan?

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It sound’s crazy but when you are Vegetarian or Vegan and friends ask you to go out for dinner, you do inwardly groan - there needs to be some strategic planning to go out for dinner with a veggie. Make no bones about it, your friends think you are either “going through a phase” or just being awkward when you remind them for the seventeenth time that the local steakhouse or carvery really isn’t an option. Usually there is only one dish on the menu to eat, and if it’s not vegetarian lasagne it’s salad or chips - it’s like creativity died when it comes to vegetables. Fortunately, for those living in London or visiting this fabulous city, there are great restaurants springing up all over, and yes, they are creative with their flavours and ingredients meaning veggie lovers don’t have to go hungry when everyone else is chomping on baby back ribs. 

When dining out in Paris, Barcelona and Berlin, you may as well take a backpack full of pot noodles and dairylea dunkers to snack on, because wherever you go there aren’t any vegetables in bratwurst or poulet. However good old London is now leading the way in Vegetarian and Vegan cuisine, it’s a delight to dine out with friends in the capital due to the sheer abundance of Veggie/Vegan restaurants which have sprung up. With that in mind here are a couple of great restaurants to try when visiting London.

222 Veggie Vegan is a fabulous restaurant in London, serving yes you guessed it – Vegetarian and Vegan food.

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The chefs are incredibly considerate not just to our taste buds but also our health, they use all low fat, low salt, non-gm and organic food when possible. Before you go running for the hills with screams of “It sounds too healthy, it can’t be tasty” – think of the benefits to your health and waistline. You won’t be compromising your taste buds here either, 222 Veggie Vegan serves delicious tantalising dishes which will fill you right up. Try the pumpkin noodles with grated coconut and seitan stroganoff – you will be hooked.

If you fancy dining in a chic and vibrant restaurant which caters for Vegetarians, Vegans, gluten free and even has a children’s menu, look no further. The Gate has two London restaurants, one in Islington and one in Hammersmith, they cater for both east and west city dwellers.

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A photo posted by The Gate Restaurant (@gaterestaurant) on

Sumptuous dishes such as miso glazed aubergine and braised beluga lentil cottage pie are all here to tempt your taste buds, followed by warm chocolate brownie with yummy whipped cream. Is your mouth watering yet?

If traditional English veggie fare isn’t your thing then head to Itadaki Zen, they bring a Japanese twist to your cuisine.

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They adapt the philosophy of “you are what you eat” in their menu offering tasty, nutritious and healthy food. Sample the dim sum, vegetable and seaweed sushi, spring rolls and miso soup, the generous portions will set you up for the rest of your evening in London. This is a super restaurant where you can try menu dishes using unusual ingredients like Kimpap, Harumaki and Chapche – beats vegetable lasagne any day!

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