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5 Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix this Weekend!

5 Shows You Need to Watch on Netflix this Weekend!

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    May 04, 2016   Author : admin


Popular shows like Orphan Black, Once Upon a Time and iZombie return to Netflix this month. But what is looking exciting in the fresh batch of shows and movies being cooked up by the streaming site, are the new shows and documentaries that will now be available to watch. We have jotted down the choicest of the Netflix menu being served hot and looking totally sumptuous, including a hunger-inducing show, “The Chef’s Table” that brings the best of the kitchen to our screens. Also, check out what’s brewing down at Amazon Prime in May. 

Marseille Season 1 

Available 05.05.16

Netflix is all set to introduce its first French original production. Marseille is a gritty political thriller that follows the journey of the Mayor of Marseille as he prepares for a duel with his former protégé over protecting his position. 

Chelsea Season 1 

Available 11.05.16

Comedienne Chelsea handler returns after the successful run of her documentary series “Chelsea Does”. This time it is going to be a fully fledged talk-show with more unabashed tackling of current issues. 


Available 23.05.16

As the craze for Korean entertainment and dramas sweeps past the world, this comedy-drama follows the hilarious encounters of an American student Claire Duncan who gets magically transported into the drama world. 

Chef’s Table 

Available 27.05.16

Taking us straight to the gourmet world, “The Chef’s Table” releases on Netflix in all its culinary glory. The series focuses on a world-renowned chef in each episode and takes us behind the scene of the kitchen doors. Move over, Masterchef!

The Do-Over 

Available 27.05.16

What’s better than an Adam Sandler comedy to end our list with class? The funny man returns with his second Netflix originals with “The Do-Over”. This one involves fake deaths and new identities, as old friends reunite for their high school reunion and decide to take a second chance at life. We are giving a thumbs-up to Netflix for bringing the comedy giant back to our screens! 

Amazon Prime: 

99 Homes

Check out Andrew Garfield in this off beat role of a rundown construction worker who accepts a job from a real estate broker who happened to evict his family. Amazon Prime brings “99 Homes” – a riveting American drama film.

Raid 2


For lovers of the action genre, the Raid series is no stranger. The second installment follows up after the events of the infamous building stake out.

The Dark Knight 

The second installment of the Batman series, “The Dark Knight” has Christian Bale reprising his role as Bruce Wayne as Batman prepares to go up against the menacing Joker (Heath Ledger).

Images: Netflix | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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