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Suicide Bomb attack in Afghanistan & at least 413 people dead in Ecuador’s earthquake

Suicide Bomb attack in Afghanistan & at least 413 people dead in Ecuador’s earthquake

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    Apr 19, 2016   Author : admin


A deadly huge explosion hit the center of the Afghan capital Kabul, resulting in several deaths and leaving more than 200 people injured, according to Kabul officials.

According to interior ministry spokesman Sediq Sediqqi, the deadly blast was carried out by a suicide bomber, who planted a bomb in a vehicle. Meanwhile, gunfire can still be heard in the area. 

Taliban has already claimed the responsibility for the attack. The blast comes about a week after the group announced it was launching its “spring offensive,” saying it would carry out “large-scale attacks.”

The deadly Tuesday blast took place during the rush hours in a residential Kabul neighborhood near the ministry of defense and military facilities. According to some reports, Taliban fighters even breached the defenses of the National Directorate of Security, which serves to protect the country’s high-ranking officials. 

The deadly “blast was carried out by a suicide bomber in a car and possibly one or two bombers are still resisting,” Sediqqi told reporters. “The scene of the attack has been completely cordoned off by Afghan security forces.”

The presidential palace said that such “cowardly terrorist attacks” will not weaken the will and efforts of Afghan forces to battle terrorism in the country. 

According to a tweet by Afghanistan President Ghani’s office’s official account, the blast “clearly shows” the terrorists’ defeat in face-to-face fight with the Afghan National Security and Defense Forces. 

In other news, at least 413 people have died as a result of the earthquake in Ecuador, according to the country’s officials. 

The 7.8-magnitude earthquake hit the country’s Pacific coast on Saturday, while rescue teams are still searching for survivors. The costs to repair the damages will likely be measured in billions of dollars, according to President Rafael Correa. 

Correa added that it was the “biggest tragedy” in Ecuador for the past seven decades. At least 2,500 people have been injured in the quake. 

Funerals of those killed in the earthquake have been held in Portoviejo and Pedernales, the two towns that were struck the most. 

“I fear that figure will go up because we keep on removing rubble,” Correa said in a televised address after his visit to the affected regions. “There are signs of life in the rubble, and that is being prioritized.”

The earthquake occurred at a very inopportune time, as the oil-rich country is trying to recover from the constantly slumping global crude oil prices. 

Although there is no other way to control the damages of earthquakes around the globe than to evacuate people prior to quakes, there are hundreds of ways to fight terrorism and reduce the number of victims from suicide blasts, which have become so frequent all around the world. 

And although some anti-terrorist measures are working against terrorism, terrorists around the world are not willing to stop terrorizing the world any time soon. In fact, they have picked up the pace lately. 

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