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London Marathon 2016: 12 Vital Tips Every Runner Needs To Know

London Marathon 2016: 12 Vital Tips Every Runner Needs To Know

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    Apr 18, 2016   Author : admin

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Winning a marathon requires physical and mental preparation, especially if you're running more than 20 miles in just one day. And since the 2016 London Marathon is coming in full force, we've jotted down some important notes on what to expect when you run in one of the greatest marathons in the world. These tips and tricks may or may not be useful, but consider them vital otherwise. See below:

1) The colour of your start line is based on your running number. If you take the public transport such as bus or tube, then make sure to be at the correct station. These details should be listed in the Virgin London Marathon race start pack or via their website. If in doubt whether you're going towards the correct location, don't worry, thousands of participants will be present as well as several race wardens.

2) Try and find your pace group via the pacemaker who will be carrying the finish time flag.

3) Get in the queue a little bit early, you don't want to be late for the race!

4) When you're finally running the marathon, be aware of the slight incline around mile 3 (you're welcome!).

5) Be on your toes when you reach Tower Bridge; you may be tempted to think that the finish line near Big Ben is a left turn away from the Tower Bridge, but that is just the half way point. In reality, you will be turning right towards Docklands to run another 8 to 9 miles before going towards Big Ben. The runners on the opposite side of the road are faster runners so don't fret if you're pace is not as fast as them.

6) If you are into energy gels, then SIS will have a station just after the 13th mile. PS: it's on the HIGHWAY.

7) Don't expect to see the 18th mile coming because you will be running uphill in Docklands. And in case the wall hits you, then you may hit yourself after the 19th mile. Stay cautious.

8) When the crowd cheers you on to run the extra mile when you reach Canary Wharf, just chill and conserve your energy. Use it during the last 6 miles of the run. Just let the audience cheer as they please.

9) The trick to winning a marathon race? Utilizing your energy. Regroup and refocus upon reaching mile 20th onwards; the crowd at Poplar High St. are very thin and runners usually pace down. This demotivates even the fastest runners, so take the initiative of pacing a little more than the rest.

10) Remember: the marathon does not start until you finish the 20th mile. So make sure you eat during the run, use energy gels or pack on some bananas while you're at it. They will help boost your energy as well as maintain your stamina during the marathon. Also, take ample fluid or an electrolyte drink during the run to avoid cramping. And if you must, just slow down a tiny bit 'till the 20th mile if you think you're going above the race pace. Like what we pointed out in #9, utilize your energy.

11) Once you reach the point where you see runners on the opposite side of the road, that is usally a sign that you should dig deep and utilize all of your preserved energy in order to finish strong during the last 5 miles of the marathon. The 24th mile is when you cross the Blackfriars underpass; you will encounter a slight incline before reaching the Embankment. Don't let this dishearten you as there will only be 2 miles left.

12) The last 1000 metre of the marathon will be marked in decrements of 200 metre. Still, remember that it is 1km to go. Motivate yourself and pace that finish line. And when you do reach the finish line, take a short walk or crawl but NEVER sit down or stop all at once. Keep on drinking fluids in order to avoid muscle seizure. 

And there you have it; goodluck running the marathon!

Images:, | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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