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So What Really Is The Future of the Internet Of Things?

So What Really Is The Future of the Internet Of Things?

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    Apr 25, 2016   Author : admin

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The INTERNET OF THINGS is a fascinating concept that has been floating around for some time but that perhaps not everyone understands fully yet. Let’s look at what this means and how it could affect our everyday lives before too long.

This is the name given to the connection to the internet that everyday household objects and personal possessions have. For example, it is this connection that makes it possible for fridges to order more food when necessary or for your car to interact with other vehicles.

It might seem like a rather distant idea but the recent growth in connected cars, smart light bulbs and fitness bands has shown us how this can work in the real world. All of these objects are connected to the internet in one way of another and help us live an easier life because of it.

One person who is keen to get involved in the internet of things is Mark Zuckerberg. He recently posted on the Facebook blog that his challenge for 2016 is to construct a “simple AI to run my home”. He said that he also wants it to help with his work too. 

The Facebook founder said in the same blog that he wants to explore the existing technology and then teach it to control the “music, lights, temperature” in his home and to let people in by recognizing their faces. He even talks about getting a robot butler added to his house.

Can you imagine living in a house in which just about everything is connected to the internet and capable of making decisions for itself? It sounds at first like some kind of crazy science fiction idea but there is no doubt that the internet of things is becoming even closer for many of us.

Take a look around your home and possessions and you might be surprised at how close you are to a truly connected lifestyle. Technology has come a long way in the last few years and it wouldn’t be much of a surprise to find us surrounded by completely connected and autonomous appliances and devices before too long.

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