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Ladies Get Fit and Burn Fat with MMA Exercises!

Ladies Get Fit and Burn Fat with MMA Exercises!

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    Sep 14, 2016   Author : admin

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Before, women often shy away from physically challenging workouts, and Mixed Martial Arts is no exception... but the same may not be said today. Fast forward to 2016, women are no longer satisfied from breaking their sweat at the gym or burning a few calories as they take a run in the park because we are all in the pursuit of a healthy lifestyle. With this, MMA is fast becoming a new sports that women love to try because it incorporates several martial arts into one such as the Brazilian Jiu-jitsu, taekwondo, karate, Muay Thai, kickboxing, Judo, wrestling and boxing. Aside from getting your heart pumped and shedding those excess fats away, MMA is also a helpful workout that teaches women how to fight, throw mean punches and kick butts when an unlikely situation arises. It's the perfect self-defense whilst getting healthy all at once:

MMA will teach you the art of self-defense

It’s like hitting two birds with one stone. You not only get to work out at the gym and achieve your desired physique but you also get to learn the art of self-defense. No need to feel a little threatened while inside a bar enjoy a few drinks all by yourself for MMA comes in handy whenever any man would dare take advantage of you. 

MMA will help you work and build self-confidence

How is that possible? Imagine yourself walking down an empty dark alley when suddenly you hear footsteps following you. When you turn around, turns out it’s a drunk man who is in the mood of sexually abusing you. With an adept knowledge in MMA, you will feel more relaxed and you’ll feel a little more calm, cool and collected for this time around you know how to break an arm or leg, throw a mean punch, or kick someone. 

MMA will provide you a great cardio workout

So you think MMA is just about kickboxing? Think again for a 3-5 minute rounds of sparring is considered to be a ruthless cardio workout that will get your heart pumping. So if you feel lazy having that cold morning run, just drag yourself to the gym and you’ll definitely make up for any cardio exercise you’ve missed for the day.

MMA will help you burn fat

This is an absolute truth. With kickboxing, sparring with additional conditioning drills on the side, you could instantly burn 750 calories in an hour! Train mean for the cardio-conditioning factor of MMA is considered to be an effective way to burn those unnecessary fats away.

MMA will provide you an entire body workout

MMA helps you tone your muscles as it is an entire body workout. The intensive training gives you an increased level of power, energy and strength so that you can endure a physically demanding workout at the gym. After a few months into the training, you’re now worthy to be called a glam gladiator. 

MMA will help you release stress

Yes, you read that one right. After a frustrating day at the office, what better way to end the night than spending it kickboxing at the gym? Vent out all your frustrations as you throw those punches away and kick as hard as you can. You will get a good night sleep right after.

MYC Writer: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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