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Film This Weekend: Motley’s Law

Film This Weekend: Motley’s Law

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    Apr 01, 2016   Author : admin


While “Eddie the Eagle” takes inspiration from real events, “Motley’s Law” is as real as it gets. The enlightening documentary features 38 year old US defense lawyer in Kabul, Afghanistan, Kimberly Motley. Not only is she the only woman to work as a lawyer in the country, she is also the only foreign national to do so. We are taken through the events of her life, as she gets about handling complicated legal cases and comes to terms with the dangers in the country. 

Motley is an inspirational character indeed. Not too long ago her speech at TED Talks gave the world a peek into how she defends the rule of law. 

Kimberly Motley stands for sheer strength and courage. But, the documentary also strives to reveal her human side on the other hand, where she has left her family behind to live alone in a turbulent country and where she likes superheroes like any one of us would. 

Filmmaker Nicole Nielsen Horanyi has achieved something beautiful in making this film. 

Images: Motley's Law | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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