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Our 5 Best Sneakers for Every Workout

Our 5 Best Sneakers for Every Workout

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    Apr 04, 2016   Author : admin

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If you're working out, you want to be at your utmost comfortable self in order to exercise freely, yes? You want to wear the "perfect" shoe that's current and on-trend, whether you're into walking, running or heading to the gym. But the truth is, there is no perfect shoe... just the appropriate one for every type of workout activity. Investing in the right quality shoe not only helps prevent foot and ankle damage, but it also makes working out a more amiable experience. If you scour the market right now, you'll see a handful of every sport shoes imaginable... but what really fits your workout regimen perfectly? Below are some pointers to look into:

Determine the type of shoe

Why is it important to determine the type of shoe when working out? That's because the wrong one will ultimately make you uncomfortable, hence, taking away your chances of working out properly. The type of shoe one wears should always correlate with the sport or workout regimen you are most active in like running, biking, doing crossfit or aerobics. Once you have determined the type of shoe to wear, then you must leave room to try it out and choose the right one which fits your lifestyle.

Choosing the right shoe

Now that you've determined the type of shoe you need that correlates with your specific workout routine, it's time to "choose" the right shoes in order to make the most out of your fitness goal. Below are some of our favourite shoes to wear when working out, and we'll give you ways on how to choose them:

Long Distance Running or Marathon

If you're a runner, you will need shoes that have built-in shock absorbers as well as consider if it's lightweight enough for walking such as this "Gel-Kayano 22 Lite-Show" that will provide you with enough comfort and protection. In addition, you will need shoes that have flexible soles that enables you to have quick and ease of movements. When choosing shoes for long distance running or marathon, you will need to wear something that is lightweight and shock absorbing in order to prevent your foot from developing fatigue. 

For treadmill exercises, use this "Nike Lunarglide 7" featuring a "Flywire” & “Flyknit” upper combination that enables for a secure and comfortable fit for the wearer. It also features superior cushioning foam midsole, as well as evoke good balance of stability when working out.

For spinning classes, the "Adidas AdiPure 360.3" shoes is satisfyingly great and is perfect for the gym. Apart from being flexible, comfortable and true to size, it also looks great when worn as a casual shoe after workout.

Crossfit Exercise

If you're into the crossfit trend, then you'll need shoes that provide extra protection against ankle and foot injuries such as this "Reebok Crossfit Lifer Plus 2.0" which features a full grain leather toe for superior comfort and fit. In addition to being the best shoe of choice when doing a crossfit exercise, this Lifter Plus 2.0 from Reebok also has a new 3 piece outsole features flex grooved rubber designed for traction on multi-surface terrain; you're sure for optimal performance.

All Rounder Shoes

The "Reebok Crossfit Nano 5.0" shoes, a tried and tested piece, is an innovative and durable shoes perfect for an all rounder type of workout regimen such as box jumping, weight training and running exercises, too, because it features a Polyurethane NanoShell that is a great defense against midsole abrasion. It also features a a raised outsole lug patterns for better surface area contact and improved overall traction.

Benefits of wearing the right shoe

When you have chosen the appropriate shoe for the type of activity you do when working out, you protect yourself from unwanted injuries common when exercising. Always remember, good shoes will cushion your feet from heavy landings and rigorous activity. It also helps improve your performance, hence, a satisfying workout session.

Images: GymVentures, WorkoutGearLab, Salud180, Foreo | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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