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Is Birch Water the New Elixir of Health?

Is Birch Water the New Elixir of Health?

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    Jul 20, 2016   Author : admin

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With coconut being the most marketed superfood in recent years, it's hard to find another healthy substitute we can get accustomed to. But despite the fact that coconut water is a super drink that literally contains all the nutrients and vitamins we need in order to sustain a whole day of errands, we found a new water trend that's even healthier: Birch Water. This type of drink actually originates from trees commonly found in British gardens, and it is packed with a whole lot of health benefits that can treat anything from headache, flu, dandruff, cellulite and even liver diseases. In addition, Birch Water aids to lower cholesterol, rejuvenate the skin and promotes kidney and liver health.

According to Akcelina Cveijetic, a Wellbeing Specialist to the stars in Hollywood, "The birch tree has been called 'the tree of life' and used as a medicinal plant for centuries throughout Eastern and Northern Europe as well as Northern China. Birch sap contains electrolytes such as potassium helping with hydration as well as flavonoids rich in antioxidant properties." She adds, "However, it also contains sugars and commercial birch water may contain even higher amounts due to added sugars, so be aware and always read the lables!"

In addition to having restorative and detoxifying properties, Birch Water is also naturally sweet and healthy. Organic brand called TAPPED is now selling Birch Water via Planet Organic; its delicately sweet tree-tapped water also comes in many different flavours such as Root Ginger and Bilberry & Lingonberry. This new health elixir is definitely a health-conscious must-have! Only time will tell if it gains universal popularity similar to that of coconut water.

Images: CBCA, MNN, Planet Organic | MYC Staff Writer

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