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News Bulletin: 19/2/2016

News Bulletin: 19/2/2016

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    Feb 19, 2016   Author : admin


This week has brought a EU summit in Europe, which is considered to be a crucial moment in talks between Britain and the Eurozone to adopt EU reforms and discuss the probability and dangers of #Brexit. 

Alarming news have surfaced on the Internet claiming that a man planned a terror attack on U.K. or U.S. military personnel in Britain. Meanwhile, British jets intercepted two Russian bombers that were about to violate U.K. airspace, while Turkey launched airstrikes against PKK in revenge for Ankara terror attacks that killed at least 28 people. 

It’s not calm on the Korean Peninsula either. A South Korean spy agency claims that North Korea is planning to carry out terror attacks. 


'Crunch time' in EU summit and Brexit decision, David Cameron says.

A man could have carried out a terror attack on military personnel in Britain.

British jets intercepted two Russian bombers heading to U.K. airspace.


Turkey launches airstrikes targeting PKK hours after Ankara terror attack.

South Korean spies: North Korea is planning terror attacks

Ted Cruz says he laughed “hard” at Donald Trump.


U.K. unemployment still maintains a decade-low rate, falling by 60,000.

Oil prices plunge despite Russian-Saudi deal. 

China’s major bank raided over money laundering


Lionel Messi is the first player to score 300 goals in Spanish La Liga.

Cristian Ronaldo walked out of news conference, attacked by reporters’ questions.

Russian football player reveals Putin shirt during game against Turkish team. 


See the highlights and winners of Grammy Awards 2016

BAFTA Awards 2016: The Revenant and Leonardo DiCaprio dominate ahead of Oscars.

Walking Dead returns with a revengeful episode. 


Apple vs. FBI: Apple rejects to give FBI access to gunman’s phone. 

This flexible phone will allow you fire Angry Birds more accurately

Samsung Galaxy S7 will most likely not feature USB-C.

This time in History

February 18: in 1885, Mark Twain published The Adventures of Huckleberry Finn.

February 17: in 1904, opera Madame Butterfly premiered Milan, Italy.

February 14: in 278, Valentine, a holy priest in Rome, was executed.

Images: Getty, The Associated Press, AP, Wikimedia, Getty Images, ibitimes | MYC Writer: Polina Tikhonova

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