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Film This Weekend: Zoolander 2

Film This Weekend: Zoolander 2

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    Feb 12, 2016   Author : admin


It’s the weekend Marvel fans had been waiting for, but things just got bigger because Deadpool is pitted against the sequel of a 90s cult comedy starring Ben Stiller. Here’s what is in store at the box office this week! 

The quirky and crazy Zoolander brand returns after ages with a sequel complete with the return of the original cast, Penelope Cruz and Benedict Cumberbatch in a never seen before cameo! 

Directed by Ben Stiller, the film also stars him in the lead as Derek Zoolander, a former famous male model who joins forces with the Interpol to crack a series of murder cases that recreate his signature look on the corpses. What ensues is a crazy ride of events and mingling of over the top, eclectic characters. Owen Wilson also recreates his character from the original film as Zoolander’s trusted buddy, Hansel McDonald. 

The prequel might have been a cult favorite comedy back in 2001 and a setting for Ben Stiller’s brand of straight-face and silly comedy movies, but the new film has so far failed to impress critics and audiences alike. Quite possibly the audience might have been put off by the extreme far-fetched comedy style in the movie. Or has Ben Stiller lost his touch? 

While the trailers did seem mildly intriguing, Zoolander 2 doesn’t seem to have much hope while trying to cash in on its predecessor’s success. 

Images: Zoolander Movie | MYC Writer: Soma Dutta

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