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Zika Virus and Everything You Need To Know About this Growing Epidemic

Zika Virus and Everything You Need To Know About this Growing Epidemic

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    May 20, 2016   Author : admin

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The Zika Virus has become a growing epidemic in the world, with a number of incidents linked to the alarming effects of this virus around Brazil and other parts of Central and South America. Only recently, one type of mosquito called Aedes Egypti were in the headline of many tabloids and TV news programs all over the world. What people didn’t know is that this virus has been around longer than we thought. In fact these mosquitoes carrying this virus were first discovered in 1947. But no one probably ever expected the outcome or the effect this newly discovered Zika virus can do back then. It is especially important to know more about the Zika Virus due to the fact that the Rio 2016 Olympics is fast-approaching, specifically dated this upcoming 5th of August to the 21st.

Sadly, most of the victims suffering the worst effect of the Zika virus are those newborns born recently. However, it is not yet confirmed that the Zika virus has anything to do with the increasing numbers of babies with small heads particularly in regions where this virus is rampant. The only thing that doctors have noticed is that the number of newborn babies with Microcephaly has been increasing since last year. The problem most people from these affected regions are facing now is that there is no cure yet to prevent this at the moment not to mention the fact that it is difficult to identify those who probably have contracted the virus because they show less to almost no signs at all. Scientists have been studying about a treatment or vaccine that could possible cure expecting mothers and other people who were diagnosed of being positive of the Zika virus. 

Good news is that only recently the United States President Barrack Obama planned on requesting Congress around $1.8 billion funding for extensive research to stop and prevent this nasty virus from spreading once and for all. The warm months are just around the corner and the risk is higher in this season so everybody is hoping for the newly developed vaccine that can fight the Zika virus.

For the meantime make sure that your surroundings are clean before the summer season because Mosquitos breed faster in the warm weather. Another good thing to do is to remove all stagnant water in containers because this is where they are most likely to breed. As for the travel junkies, the best thing you can do is to refrain from travelling to regions where Zika virus infestation is high for the mean time. Also, if you are a woman and living in one of the affected regions where Zika virus is present think about the future of your baby and her health. You wouldn’t want your precious one to suffer a lifelong disease. So please consider delaying pregnancy until the epidemic has been resolved. Lastly, a piece of rubber won’t hurt if you are up to that intimate moment with a special someone.

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