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The Ultimate Foodie Guide When in Paris

The Ultimate Foodie Guide When in Paris

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In addition to the amazing sights, the exceptional food on offer in Paris is something that is sure to stick in your memory. For good reason this is considered one of the finest culinary destinations on the planet. The following are some of the many restaurants well worth trying whenever you visit this amazing city.

Bistrot Victoires

Located in a pretty, historic building close to the Louvre, this charming bistro looks exactly like you would an atmospheric bistro in Paris to look like. As well as looking lovely, this eatery offers an excellent menu to choose from. Confit de canard and steak frites are among the top dishes here. Overall, it Bistrot Victoires is a fine place to try some traditional French cooking at reasonable prices. Expect to pay from £6 for a starter and from £9 for a main meal. 

Le Jules Verne

If the idea of eating in a classy restaurant high up in the Eiffel Tower sounds good to you then you will be in heaven in Le Jules Verne. It sits at 400 feet (122 metres) above ground level. You get up to your table by taking the restaurant's own lift. Once you are up here the view is spectacular and the food is just as good. The approach is a modern twist on classic dishes, with the chocolate dishes on the dessert menu especially highly recommended. The dress code here is smart, so a meal is a great excuse to get dressed up in your best clothes and eat in somewhere unique and very special in Paris. The top options here include the 5 or 6 course Experience Dinner Menu. This cost £140 or £170 per head, depending upon the number of courses you choose. 

Huitrerie Regis

For an excellent seafood meal in Paris you can't do any better than go to Huitrerie Regis, in the Saint Germain des Pres area.  The oysters served here are simply amazing, while clams, sea urchins and prawns are also often available. The seafood comes direct from the French Atlantic coast and is served fresh with bread and butter. The restaurant itself is pretty, with a basic, no-nonsense look and feel. There is a lively atmosphere to go with the food. A plate of oysters with a good win will cost you about £20 per person.    

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