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How To Stay Fit and Healthy During The Holiday Season

How To Stay Fit and Healthy During The Holiday Season

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    Dec 24, 2015   Author : admin

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Christmas is finally here! However, the wide array of foods and amount of parties in store for you this holiday season can certainly cause you to eat high calorie foods that can make you gain weight. If you wish to welcome the coming year with a fit and healthy body, here are some tips that you should try:

Eat a little before you head out to parties.

It's practical to eat first at home before you delve into the more alluring food selection displayed at parties or family dinners and get togethers. But don't confuse this with skipping a meal; doing so will only increase your desire to eat the fatty, yummy foods. Instead, load up on healthy greens or smoothies so you won't be as tempted to eat so much while you're out celebrating the holidays.

Indulge only in the most special holiday desserts.

One thing that you would like about Christmas is the wide array of desserts that are spread out in the dining table. While all these options may seem attractive for you, it is recommended that you focus only on the desserts that are most special for you. Skip the store-bought desserts and focus on the homemade desserts instead. Survey the dessert table and identify which desserts you should indulge in and which you should skip. 

Get (and cut down) your own Christmas tree.

We all love to get our Christmas tree the easy way—by buying a tree from a roadside lot. While this may seem convenient, this is not the fit or healthy way to go. If you wish to stay fit, you must try to be more active during the holidays and one way to do that is to visit a tree farm where they allow you to pick a tree on your own. In addition to making you active, you will be able to get a fresher tree too.  

Go light with the sauces and gravy.

The most fattening food in the party is the sauces and the gravy. It is true that you will not be able to choose which dishes will go into the menu of the party that you will attend but you can still be able to healthily by tweaking the amount of sauce and gravy that you will put into your dishes. You can either forego the gravy or just reduce the amount of gravy that you will consume.

Water therapy is key.

This is probably the easiest tip there is. Water will keep you hydrated, especially if you had one to many drinks and desserts. It will also satisfy your appetite so you won't have to eat so much.

Modify your eating schedule.

The reason why we eat a lot during parties is because all of the people in the party is eating a lot. Yes, sometimes we are pressured to eating as much food as possible because we envy people who do that. The best way to control how much you digest is to eat a little before your guests arrive. When they come, you will not be tempted to eat more because you are already full.

Christmas is the perfect time to indulge in amazing and lust-worthy foods and dishes. With the tips given above, you can be able to manage your weight and calories during this very tempting holiday season. Happy eating!


Image: | MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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