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How to Banish Junk Food To Achieve A Healthier Lifestyle

How to Banish Junk Food To Achieve A Healthier Lifestyle

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    Jan 09, 2016   Author : admin

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When was the last time you binged on junk food while watching your favourite reruns through Netflix? Oh, that greasy Chinese takeaway noodles seemed so good last Saturday night or what about the late night Doner kebab post Friday night clubbing? We know it’s hard to eliminate junk food, it’s easier said than done. To help you get started, here are some tips you might want to consider to achieve a healthier lifestyle without these unnecessary junk food cravings:

Make a Diet Plan and Resolve To Follow It

Candies, chocolates, and other junk food are comfort food for many so a total elimination of these from your diet is a struggle. To avoid any unwanted yoyo-ing, take small steps and recognize your progress. Make a Junk Food Elimination Plan and stick to it. For example: instead of taking 3 bags of chips for the first week, limit your junk food intake to 2 bags and as the weeks progresses, you’ll start noticing that you can go on without any chips in your life. Or why not totally eliminate junk food from your weekly grocery shopping list? 

Instead of munching on deep fried french fries, why not opt for a healthier and exciting version of sweet potato baked fries as compared to the good old baby carrots? If you’re hungry, choose to go green by eating salad instead of making a quick trip to the burger stand near your place.

Replace Junk Food with Fruits or Veggies For Your Treat

Feeling hungry while you are studying in the middle of the night? Go take a look at the fridge but instead of taking a slice of that mouthwatering moist black forest cake, opt for the healthier treat such as apples, grapes and peaches to satisfy your sweet cravings. Now another trick is to fill your fridge with fruits and vegetables instead of chocolates, cakes and other processed food that are high in sugar.

Know What Junk Food Triggers You

By identifying the root cause of what food triggers you, you are preparing yourself from getting into further trouble of junk food binging. Do your knees tremble, your eyes water and your mouth long for anything that has chocolate, chips, or salt in its name? If yes, use your better judgment by keeping them out of your house. Also, avoid lanes filled with these food when taking a trip down the super market for your weekly grocery shopping.

Avoid Eating at Fast Food Chains

Most of us are guilty of eating at fast food chains especially if we no longer have the time to cook our own food. It’s so convenient, easy and hassle-free isn’t it? Healthy food advocates such as renowned chef Jamie Oliver have shown how cooking at home with the simplest ingredients is not only good for the health but it also saves you £££ yearly. 

On a different note, have you paused for a while and thought of how unhealthy it is to consume fast food? Big Mac at McDonald’s have a 490.8 kcal, while a cheeseburger in Burger King normally has 319.8kcal, a can of Coke has 139 calories, while 1 slice of cheese pizza can add up to 272 calories to your current weight. If we just become more aware of what we eat, we can definitely banish junk food in our lives.


Image: | MYC Contributor: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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