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The Accessories Every Working Woman Should Have

The Accessories Every Working Woman Should Have

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    Nov 25, 2015   Author : admin

Whether you’re planning on going out for a night on the town or you’re picking out the perfect outfit for a day at the office, you want to make sure you have all the right accessories. That’s how you can boost your own confidence levels and help yourself look great at the same time.

The Black Blazer

ASOS Tuxedo Waistcoat with Cape Detail, £50.00

Having a blazer in your wardrobe is perfect for those all-important days at the office. You know the one where all your bosses are in the same room altogether -- the kind of meeting you’ve been dreading to have. Well, with the right tailored blazer you’re going to look great walking into that office and you’re going to power through the meeting.

A Fun Scarf

Givenchy Paradise Flowers Silk Scarf, £170.00

No, we’re not talking about the one that you’ll wear when it’s cold outside. You want a great scarf that you can use to pull together any outfit. Find something that has a great look whether it’s leopard print, striped or just brightly colored. This will help you dress up some of your boring outfits.

A Bold Necklace

Aint Lyin' Chain Necklace, £18.58

Don’t be afraid to make a statement. A loud, bold, crazy necklace can definitely do that. The wilder the better. So bring in big, chunky jewelry with bright and wild colors. It’s definitely going to make your outfit stand out in a crowd and it’s just going to be more fun while you’re at it.

The Black Trench Coat

Wynne Belted Trench Coat, £65.04

This jacket is perfect for any outfit and great for just about any weather. You can find them in wool or in lighter materials for warmer weather. Make sure that you check out your options. You’ll love having this jacket to pull off during all types of weather. Plus, it’s going to look stylish and slimming while you’re at it.

Cute Wedges

ASOS HOLD THE DREAM Wedges, £35.00

You can pick the color and the style but make sure they’re comfortable. You want shoes that are going to not only look great with anything you wear, but make a statement as well. So don’t pick the nude shoes in the picture, pick something with a little bit of fun and a lot of great style. You’ll love putting them on when it’s time to head out, no matter where you’re going.


Fedora Hat Metal Trim Black, £15.00

Get a cute hat to take with you no matter where you go. It can be a fun hat with bright style or a more laid back look for the office. No matter which option you go for, you’ll have a great looking style for your day. (And it will look great with your trench coat as well.)

Picking out the right accessories can be hard but if you have them it’s going to make getting ready in the morning a lot easier and a lot more enjoyable. These accessories will help you mix and match with just about anything.


Image: Coveteur,,, | MYC Writer: Samantha Riviera

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