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Style Lessons From Fashion Designer Kate Spade

Style Lessons From Fashion Designer Kate Spade

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    Nov 11, 2015   Author : admin

It’s likable to believe that Kate Spade is more than the creator of women’s most coveted handbags since the 90’s. She, along with her husband Andy, set up Kate Spade New York. Though the mega couple no longer own and run the brand, it has faced tremendous success, with projections of reaching $1.2 billion market sales by the coming year. It has also expanded into selling accessories, home furniture, stationeries, clothing and shoes. What a big leap from just fashioning sleek, colour-rich and functional handbags every woman wishes for! Aside from the one in NYC, the brand’s other stores are in Paris, Germany, Japan and London (Covent Garden, Sloane Square and Westfield Shop). Plainly, Kate Spade New York is a global name. 

At the present time, Kate Spade focuses on family- being a full-time mother to Frances Beatrix, her daughter. 

Be that as it may, her impeccable taste in fashion design is apparent in the handbags she brought into being- like the Cedar Street Maise and Cameron Street Candace satchels, to name a few. Include to that several other trendy pieces from the company’s collections, carrying the Kate Spade trademark of style. Needless to say, women can take in a lot about style from this respected and world-renowned designer. Kate Spade has the knack for spotting brilliance in style. 

Read up on these words of wisdom:

1. Stick to basics. You’ve heard this many times, for sure. There’s so much sense in following this advice. Now, keep those white tees, button downs, denims, LBD, etc.

2. Consider your assets. Show what you got! Lean legs, broad shoulders, curvy hips?

3. Get and collect the best ones for you. If you look good on those classy stilettos, then get more than one pair in different hues.

4. Dress up and leave some mystery. Women don’t have to reveal too much skin. Yes, a tight mini matched with a tight cropped top is overdone.

5. Follow your own style rules. Don’t be a copycat. Wear what works for you.

6. Artificial cleavage is a no-no. Well, well, well… Take Kate Spade’s words, ladies.

7. Sunglasses can make magic. Try donning a pair. It might just be the perfect accessory for your outfit. 

8. Style is all about you as an individual. Just be yourself! Let the world know who you really are.

Take it from Kate Spade!


Images: | MYC Writer: Maebelle Del Rosario

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