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Healthy Drinks to Get Your Morning Started

Healthy Drinks to Get Your Morning Started

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    Oct 24, 2015   Author : admin

The argument over the health benefits and harm of coffee has been going on forever. Some people can’t imagine a day without coffee, while others are forced to quit the beverage because of their health condition. 

People drink coffee because it keys them up. Thanks to caffeine in its composition, the aromatic beverage blocks a receptor called adenosine, which causes sleepiness. This is exactly the reason why after consuming coffee, you feel energetic and eager to start your morning.

In order to drink coffee without any negative consequences, drink no more than 2 cups a day. In other cases, replace coffee with the beverages listed below.


Tea contains theine, which affects your body like caffeine. It keys you up, reduces sleepiness and warms you up. It is important to note that you can’t overdose on tea, thus you can drink as much tea as you want. When choosing tea as an alternative to coffee, opt for green, red as well as black earl grey tea. 

Ginger tea and ginger water

Ginger keys you up and makes your body wake up. Besides, ginger promotes weight less, improves your skin and strengthens immune defenses. Drink ginger tea in the morning, and ginger water throughout the day.

Sage decoction

Sage decoction is a great alternative to coffee. It blocks the sleepiness just as good, and makes your whole body wake up. Of course, you’d have to get used to the taste first, however, knowing that it’s so healthy makes the task much easier.

The Italians use sage as a seasoning. Sage is also known to promote the metabolism.


Cocoa is probably the closest alternative to the taste of coffee. If you drink coffee not just to fight sleepiness and wake up, then cocoa is your best option. 


Chicory is very similar to coffee in its taste. However, this is a rather individual observation, not all coffee fans agree with it. As for its composition, chicory will surely get your morning started thanks to the fact that it’s so rich in inulin. 

As a conclusion it must be said that if you still prefer drinking coffee, then drink a glass of water 10 minutes after you’ve consumed coffee. It will help you maintain the liquid balance in your body. However, if you’ve decided to quit coffee for good, then try the beverages mentioned above. You will see that it is not so difficult to give up a beverage that you’ve gotten used to. 


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