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Reasons Why You Should Seek Happiness from Within

Reasons Why You Should Seek Happiness from Within

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    Nov 15, 2015   Author : admin

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You’ve probably heard that many people go distant places to find themselves and in the hopes of stumbling upon their happiness along the way. Some may think that is a crazy way of dealing with life but who are we to judge? You might have heard stories of men and women who have vowed to return the part of themselves that have gone missing for quite a long time now. Others were lucky enough to connect with their inner self while others are still lost in the abyss trying to find their way back. Why is it so hard to chase happiness? Probably because people tend to forget that happiness is found from within and not from without. 

People are temporary, they come and go

This is the universal truth when it comes to relationships, companionships and friendships but most aren’t too convinced so they keep breaking their hearts just so they could prolong and probably make it last with toxic people in their lives. However, no matter how hard you try and even if you give everything up for that one single person, sometimes it’s just not enough. Darling always remember it’s not your fault if they decided to go. People can easily say goodbye the moment they walked into your life and said hi. You have to accept that people are the most selfish beings on this planet and that they will always choose their happiness over yours. Don’t ever make the mistake of making them your source of happiness because they will undoubtedly leave as fast as you welcome them into your arms. That’s the main reason why marriages break, why relationships end and why friendships never last. So don’t let your happiness depend on something temporary, rather invest it and take care of it as you nurture your inner soul.

Material things have depreciating value

Most people equate success, fame and money with happiness. They keep thinking that the more money they earn, the happier they’ll become but this is not the truth. How many billionaires and business tycoons are out there trying to chase their own happiness? How many tragic stories will we have to hear before we can finally admit to ourselves that our own happiness is our own self? All the expensive gadgets such as iPhones, tablets, and iPads, signature clothes and shoes and even highly luxurious cars such as Maseratti, Tesla, Ferrari and Ducati does not and will not in this entire life time equate with inner happiness and the reason is quite subtle: Material things depreciate over time.

Drugs and booze might make you forget but not for a long time

You’ve probably read and even heard stories from your friends how alcohol and drugs helped them forget but usually the happiness they find from these sources doesn’t stay long. That is, these substances may actually make you forget but not for a long time. Of course the pain and agony of being left behind or not succeeding in life can drain the energy out of you but that doesn’t mean you need to be on a high or intoxicated just so you could be happy. As one quote goes “And maybe a happy ending doesn’t include a guy, maybe it’s you, on your own, picking up the pieces and starting over, freeing yourself up for something better in the future. Maybe the happy ending is just moving on.”

No one is responsible for your happiness but you

Don’t ever expect people to give you happiness on a silver plate because chances are, they are also busy creating their own happiness from within. In this one life time you have, you alone are responsible for generating happiness and sharing it to the rest of the world. Let them show how you are brimming with life, how adventures excite every fiber of your being and how you wanted them to nurture their own happiness too for their own sake. 

The pursuit of your own happiness is liberating

You might not have heard of it but the pursuit of one’s happiness is a liberating and freeing experience that one shouldn’t dare miss. When you’ve finally found the happiness that resonates from within, you will be freed from all your misconceptions and failures in life. You will finally come to realize that your happiness is not dependent on a person that goes in and out of your life nor do you find it in your wealth but rather it is a constant variable in your life. Happiness is not like algebra’s equation x= y, find x because happiness is not found anywhere else but in yourself. 


MYC Contributor: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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