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Your Smartphone Could Be Causing These Health Problems

Your Smartphone Could Be Causing These Health Problems

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    Nov 16, 2015   Author : admin

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Turning off your phone before going to bed may be one of the hardest habits to adjust, but science says you have to. Based on research, smartphone screens tend to emit blue light that is relatively similar to the brightness of the sun. In return, this ‘light’ tricks your brain into doing something else... like scrolling through Facebook, Twitter or Instagram even more when you actually have to sleep. It has been reported that by interrupting melatonin production (a hormone responsible for telling your body to rest), you deprive your body of its natural rhythm. And what usually happens when you lack sleep? Things fall apart. Below are some examples of health problems that will occur when you continue your late-night routine:

Eye Damage

There are some researches saying that blue light emitted from your smartphone's screen can damage your retina. And the worst part? It may lead to cataracts and eye surgery.


Your lack of sleep and exposure to your smartphone's blue light may eventually lead to breast and prostate cancer. It has also been reported that usage of more than 15 hours per month can increase the risk of brain cancer.


Social media may be a fun outlet to vent out your daily mood or rant, but studies still suggest it can lead to depression in the long run. Despite likes, hearts and follows, using too much of your phone to live out your social media “life” is not a good thing. In fact, lack of sleep and irregularity in your sleeping pattern can trigger moodiness and depression.

Hormone Imbalance

The worst thing that your smartphone screen can do is hormonal imbalance. The reason why fatigue, exhaustion and progesterone deficiency is highly likely to happen is because your body is too stressed to reboot on its own. Irregular sleeping pattern, sleep deprivation and too much time scrolling through your phone can have a pull at your melatonin thread. And this means your body will fall apart.


Once you challenge and upset the melatonin levels of your body, expect to gain weight in the coming days. Hormones that control hunger will be greatly affected once your sleeping pattern is disturbed.

We believe that smartphones still have its perks, but too much of everything can lead to nothing but bad outcome. So we highly suggest you give yourself a limit on how many hours you use your phone per day, and try to inculcate the fact that phones were invented for a reason... and it does not involve risking your health.


MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda

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