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Is Your Fitness Health Craze Becoming Unhealthy?

Is Your Fitness Health Craze Becoming Unhealthy?

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    Mar 21, 2016   Author : admin

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Becoming fit and fab is your goal ever since you tread down the fitness path and you are in the pursuit of becoming the best version of yourself. Last year was such a downer as you see those extra 10 pounds down the weighing scale and you’ve made a resolution to give your best since it’s all or nothing when it comes to your fitness dedication. However, people around you begin to notice how your fitness health craze is driving you nuts more often than not and you begin to entertain the idea that they might  be probably right.

Are you a fitness enthusiast or are you becoming an obsessed fitness fanatic? Here are the tell-tale signs to watch out for if your fitness health craze is becoming unhealthy and bordering annoying:

Too Much Exercise Leading to Injuries

We know how much you’ve wanted to have those toned, lean muscles and those flattering abs in an instant since summer is just a few months away but did you ever think of how much pressure you’re putting in yourself? You are pushing yourself too much that you end up spending a month or so healing your fitness-related injuries. How many times did your Fitness coach or Personal trainer tell you that you can’t lift heavy gym equipment exceeding 20kg but since you’re nearing your deadline, you forcefully motivated yourself that you can do it. Now you end up having therapy sessions thrice a week for your slipped disc while your doctor forbidden you to enter the gym for a few months or so.

For further discussion on the most common fitness-related injuries and how to recover from each one, here is a pointer that you might want to read:

Joint Dislocations

This is a very common workout related injury and it can happen if you’re not paying the slightest attention to your body form as you lift those weights. If you put in extra work on the ligaments by loading the bar with too much weight, the turn out will pretty much result to a bad medical case for it then forces your bones out of their usual positions thus leading to joint dislocations.


-Bid adieu to gym classes for now as your main concern is to get you back on shape. 

-Take a pain reliever now and then to relieve the pain. 

-For home remedies, it’s best to apply ice and heat pressure on the affected area. Putting ice on your dislocated joint helps reduce pain and inflammation. If the pain continues to haunt you 2 or 3 days after, it’s time to use a heating pad to loosen up sore and tightened muscles. 

-You may also wear a splint, sling or cast for several weeks to prevent the dislocated joint from changing its place.  

Torn Hamstring

This is a common problem among runners alike. Once the hamstring issue strikes, you might end up resting for a few days or so to help these muscles recover. During a hamstring strain, one or more muscles get overworked and if worse comes to worst, the muscles might even tear. 


-Give your legs a rest.

-Elevate your leg by using a pillow when you sit or lie down

-Use ice compress

-Take painkillers    

Knee injuries

This is a frequent injury among athletes, runners, and those who play sports with frequent jumping and changing directions such as tennis, cricket, badminton, baseball and football. 


-Rest. Avoid any strenuous physical activity

-Ice compress

-Elevate the sore area with pillows

When You Spend More Time at the Gym Than at Home

It’s okay to be enthused about working out and achieving a fit body. But when you spend most of your time at the gym than being at home early to spend more time with your family and kids, that’s when the problem starts to loom in. When you prefer lifting weights, doing crunches and using the treadmill than bonding with your kids at home or preparing dinner for the family, this might be a red flag that tells more about your unhealthy fitness obsession. The solution to this is to learn how to create that balance in juggling work, fitness routines and family matters. 

You Obsess Too Much of What You Eat

You might become a bore in the eyes of your friends, if you always turn them down when they ask you for that hearty lunch at a Mexican restaurant or join them at a Sunday BBQ party, for you don’t want to each unhealthy food that might ruin your diet. Remember, it’s best to give in to life’s simple pleasures such as food now and then. Don’t obsess too much of what you eat. For goodness sake, avoid calculating the calorie count of every food you eat.

You Lose Sight of Your Social Life

One of the most obvious indicators that your fitness craze is going above the roof is when your world starts to revolve around it, day in and day out that you forget to lose sight of your social life shore. Instead of enjoying make up and shoe shopping with your friends you prefer to spend your money on food supplements or gym memberships. 

Come on, loosen up and enjoy socializing! You might miss a lot of things if you are blinded by your unhealthy fitness obsession. You might miss the chance of hearing about the dating blunders of your best friend or missing that trip to South America because you were all too focused in getting fit.

Images: WomenVibes, GenerationGym, AlfaIMG | MYC Writer: Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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