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You Need to Try these 4 Amazing Green Juice Bars in London!

You Need to Try these 4 Amazing Green Juice Bars in London!

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    Oct 05, 2016   Author : admin

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Raw juice or cold pressed juice is a healthy type of drink that has grown enormously in popularity in recent times, leading to new and popular juice joints springing up all over the city. Cold pressed juice is made using a process that is said to avoid the loss of valuable nutrients and antioxidants. The process doesn’t involve any heat at all, which is why it keeps all of the powerful nutrients of the fruit and vegetables intact. This makes it a great type of drink for anyone who wants to get healthier or go on an effective de-tox program.

If you want to add some wonderfully healthy drinks to your life and feel fantastic, then the good news is that there are some wonderful places in London to try them! See below:

Joe & The Juice, Various Locations

This international juice chain now has a number of branches in London, including on Kings Road. The menu covers a broad range of shakes, such as lemon shakes, power shakes, easy shakes and coffee shakes. The juices on offer include stress down, hangover heaven, iron man and sports juice. It also has a terrific sandwich menu.  

The Detox Kitchen, Harvey Nichols and Kingly Street

This restaurant in Harvey Nichols and on Kingly Street aims to remove the stress and hassle of eating and drinking healthily for its customers. You can choose a package from the Detox Kitchen that gives you everything you need for a healthy day from the moment you wake up to when you head to bed. These packages have names like vegan, active protein and green. They each include cold press juices along with the food. For example, the active protein menu comes with a cucumber, mint, apple and celery drink.

Juiceman, Various Locations

The list of raw juice drinks on the Juiceman menu is long and interesting. For example, you could try the detox drink. This comes with kale, spinach, cucumber, watercress, fennel and lemon. Other drinks have names like purify, cleanse and energize. You can check out the Juiceman Twitter account for the current list of locations where the products or sold, or else order online for home delivery. 

Juicebaby, Kings Road

Juicebaby on Kings Road offers a range of healthy products to get your taste buds tingling. These include raw caramel bars and organic ice cream and plenty of immunity boosting cold pressed juices. Check out drinks such as sweet greens, young grass and spicy immunity. This last juice contains ginger, cayenne, pineapple and pepper for a drink that will give you a real kick while it gives you vital nutrients at the same time.

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