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The Yogic Diet: Cleanse and Detox like a Yogi

The Yogic Diet: Cleanse and Detox like a Yogi

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    Nov 23, 2016   Author : admin

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Yoga sessions aim to inspire people to take a moment and free themselves of negative energy in way of mental and spiritual meditation and physical exercises. But aside from mastering the discipline, you must also incorporate a strict diet into your daily lifestyle in order to maintain a healthy well-being. Yoga practitioners turn to the “Sattvic Diet” or the “Yogic Diet” to keep their minds clear, happy and at peace. Maintaining this type of diet will not only include vegetarian food, but food rich in Prana such as fresh, organic fruits, nuts, grains and vegetables.

One may think it’s a difficult way of living as there are too many savory dishes out there that are quite tempting not to try. But once you get the hang of it, you’ll realize the importance of cleansing your body of toxins from chemical-induced and processed foods. There is no better time to veer away from your usual, unhealthy routine than now. Check out some recipes we’ve gathered to help you get you started on a healthy lifestyle below. Make sure you incorporate these “Yogic Diet Plans” into your daily yoga session or exercise as well!

Dal Palak Soup: Delicious, fast and easy, this Dal Palak Soup is best served before dinner. Families in India, for example, prefers to have soup at least half an hour before taking any meal for better digestion. There are so many varieties of this soup, but season this specific recipe with basil and cardamom and you're going to have a savory soup for the day. (Recipe via All Recipes)

Hazelnut Fig Crisps: Combining nuts, seeds and dried fruit, these special crackers make for a hearty and healthy addition when eating blue cheese. The hazelnut fig crisps contain very low amounts of sugar which will make you devour it without worry. (Recipe via Yoga Journal)

Yogi Tea: This Ayurvedic yogi tea or "chai" tea stimulates digestive fire while nourishing the body and soul with its aromatic spices. The perfect tea to drink in between a stressful client meeting or after a strenuous exercise as it keeps you refreshed and cleansed. (Recipe via MotherEarthLiving)

Yogic Fruit Smoothie: Easy and a no-brainer to make, this fruit smoothie recipe is a great way to let your kids enjoy something that’s wholly beneficial to their health. Not only will they have fun creating and mixing the ingredients altogether, but they’ll also realize that fruits (and veggies) are not to be afraid of! Aside from the ingredients mentioned in the recipe, you can also choose your own alternative that fits best with your daily diet. (Recipe via EkhartYoga)

The Green Yogi Smoothie: Although sweet and tasty, smoothies are very much healthy since they are a blend of fruits and vegetables! This green yogi smoothie is the perfect example of such case. Make it as your healthy nutritious snack right after you hit the gym, or consider it as a light meal alternative packed with vitamins and boosters. Ingredients of this smoothie recipe is pretty much the healthiest there is! (Recipe via

When going for the “Yogic Diet”, make sure you have the discipline to follow through the necessary routines in order to maintain a healthy and balanced well-being. Your older self will thank you later!


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Written by Elonah Jade Bioneda

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