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Why You Should Leave An Abusive Relationship

Why You Should Leave An Abusive Relationship

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    Nov 23, 2015   Author : admin

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Being in a relationship is one of the best things that could ever happen in your life especially if your partner makes you feel good about yourself. They said that if a person brings out the best in you, he or she is for keeps since they encourage you to grow in every aspect of your life. However, not all relationships are about the rainbows and unicorns for some are about curses and spells and being banished into dark, desolate pits and most women are afraid to leave these sinkholes. Many people wonder why many are out there, unwilling to pull out of abusive relationships thinking there’s still life ahead of them. Others are hesitant probably because they’re too afraid to get out of the dark never realizing that there’s light at the end of the tunnel. For those who are mustering the courage, here are the reasons why you should leave an abusive relationship and why you should never look back:

This Kind of Relationship is Self-Destructive

You know you’re headed to your own downfall upon having this kind of relationship in your life and as one Taylor Swift lyrics goes “I knew you were trouble when you walked in, so shame on me.” Some women are in great denial at first but later on as the relationship drags on, the truth will haunt them down. Take this as an example: You dated a guy knowing he is a serial womanizer but since you fell head over heels with him you decided to give it a try thinking you might be his game changer, think again. People will not change darling because you expect them to, they might do a little growing up but it will probably take time and you will always be at the losing end. So don’t ever wonder why you always cry yourself at night since you knew at the beginning that this relationship is self-destructive.

It Hinders Your Growth as a Person

An abusive relationship is not just about the physical aspect of being badly beaten or bruised as it also includes being scarred by vengeful words that cuts like a samurai sword. When will you have the courage to get out of this messy situation where cussing is a daily habit? Remember that a selfish person will absolutely prevent you from attaining your best version thus hindering your personal growth. So before you lose every fiber of your being, run and chase after yourself and never ever regret the decision of leaving this kind of relationship.

It Makes You Question About Your Worth

Women who stays in an abusive relationship suffers from questioning their self-worth thus lessening their self-confidence. Most of these women are somewhat reluctant to get out since they fear they will never find someone who will treat them the way they deserve to be treated which shouldn’t be the case. Before your self-confidence crumbles and turns into dust, pick it up for no one else will. And if it did crumble, remind yourself that you will rise up from the ashes, just like the phoenix. 

You Will Have Regrets as You’ll Miss a Lot of Opportunities Out There

Stop living in fear, get out of your comfort zone and learn to enjoy your own company. Staying in an abusive relationship and prolonging it might cost you more than you expected as you’ll miss a lot of opportunities that life throws at you. Who knows you might already walked past through Mr. Right but you’re too blind and busy to even notice.

It Prevents You From Being The Brave Soul You Once Were

Imagine a bird being clipped of its wings, longing to fly once more but couldn’t just do so because it is being restricted of its flight, such a sad thought right? The same thing goes for those who are in an abusive relationship for they are being foiled from pursuing something that sets their soul on fire. Never let a man tell you what clothes to wear, whether to put makeup or not, which friends to mingle with, or worse, prevent you from pursuing your lifelong dream of traveling. Remember if he truly loves you, he will be happy for the choices you make. 


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