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Why You Need to Go Watch Ghostbusters

Why You Need to Go Watch Ghostbusters

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    Jul 15, 2016   Author : admin


Yes, it’s the most disliked trailer on Youtube EVER, we are talking about. Ever since its announcement, Ghostbusters has attracted the attentions of haters who were all too quick to jump to conclusions even before actually watching the film.


But, can a reboot with an all-female cast of a 80s classic, really be that bad an idea?

So, here’s a way to shut down the haters – go and watch the film and decide for you! There are plenty of reasons why you should.

Support the All female Cast – Throughout the hate campaign, this is one cast that has stuck together and been totally awesome. Their chemistry is undeniable and appearances in all recent interviews have been entertaining to say the very least. Plus, we have the two queens of comedy Melissa McCarthy and Kristen Wigg teaming up who can’t be brought down by any amount of fat jokes the internet has to spare.

 Watch Chris Hemsworth playing the Bimbo - You know you want to watch this – this might be your only chance! 

Shut Out the Haters – Internet trolls, sexist fans and hate campaigners - the movie has seen it all. But, there are fans who’d really like to enjoy Ghostbusters again and seriously we do not need the blind hate. And, the most effective way to shut out the hate is to go watch the movie!

Catch the Cameos by the Original Actors  - It’s gotten the stamp of approval by the original actors and they even have a cameo in it. Hello, Nostalgia! 

Get Cosplay Ideas – Because why not! Love it or hate it, if it’s the Ghostbusters we know it is going to be a hit in the Cons this year!

Mind you, it’s a Reboot not a Sequel -   If you are scared of a Ghostbusters 2 fiasco, you’re safe – because this isn’t a sequel. It’s a totally new story with new characters which only borrows the concept. And, seriously how can you ruin a franchise which had already been ruined by its own sequel? We doubt anything can get worse than Ghostbusters 2.

The Soundtrack Brings two of our favorite 90s Artists back – Even the soundtrack hasn’t been spared by the trolls! We won’t say it’s the best OST we can ask for but it certainly has been on the receiving end of unnecessary hate. Honestly, we are glad to see Fall Out Boy and missy Elliot back in action. Can’t we just leave it at that and appreciate the effort?

So are you ready to jump aboard the Ghostbusters wagon this weekend? (Or should we say the Ghostbusters ECTO-1)  Let’s start a counter-hate-attack by tweeting happy tweets about it, shall we?


Images: Sony Pictures  | MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta


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