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Why Star Trek Beyond is Beyond Awesome!

Why Star Trek Beyond is Beyond Awesome!

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    Jul 22, 2016   Author : admin


It’s Star Trek, so it’s supposed to be awesome! But, this third installment of the rebooted series goes a bit further. In fact, it attempts to go furthest into uncharted space the U.S.S Enterprise has ever gone before. And, what ensues on the epic journey includes mysterious alien enemies, unknown threat and more Captain Kirk and crew awesomeness.

Director Justin Lin has seemingly succeeded in reviving the series with the most exciting (and, fun) adventure yet, one where the team is forced to abandon their ship and survive on an unknown planet. So, this is the most planet side ever!

Before you head out to the cinemas to catch it – here are reasons why your journey beyond will definitely be worth it!

It’s a Bittersweet Tribute to Two Actors

It’s a bittersweet experience as the third installment reminds us of the good souls we have lost. And, it’s a befitting tribute to both the actors - Leonard Nimroy, Spock of the seminal TV series who passed away in February 2015 and Anton Yelchin who played navigator Pavel Chekov and passed away in an accident after the filming wrapped up.

The Cast is the Coolest

 A cast that sticks together, treks together! We can’t get over all the cuteness that the cast has been showering on us. We are talking their amazing chemistry on the Comic Con appearance this year!


Kickass New Characters

And, by characters we mean ALIENS! Everything that makes Star Trek exciting is being doubled because Idris Elba gets to play the bad guy, Krall. As we all know a good villains makes or breaks the movie (literally). We are also meeting Sophia Boutella’s mysterious Jaylah, who’s a warrior stranded on Krall’s planet, and we are already crushing hard on her.

Brings Back the Classic

This installment seems to be more in the vein of the classic TV series which was precisely the reason why the franchise worked in the first place and also what we immensely missed in the previous two reboot offerings.

Welcome Enterprise A! -  

So, yes this is probably the last we see of the U.S.S Enterprise as it gets blown up by Krall quite early in the film. Good news is, that means most of the film takes place on the planet rather than in space. The other good news is – there will be a brand new Enterprise in the next film AND we get a glimpse of it in a neat post credit scene!


Images: Paramount Pictures | MYC Culture Writer: Soma Dutta


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