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Why Italy Does Great Gelato

Why Italy Does Great Gelato

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    Jun 16, 2015   Author : admin

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If France has its very own macaroons, Czech Republic has its well-famed bubble cake and Poland serves its Royal Mazurek, Italy on the other hand offers its delicious and flavourful Gelato to the world. Gelato is the Italian version of ice cream but mind you, it is no ordinary ice cream as people are hooked with its melt-in-your-mouth goodness. As Winston Churchill puts it in words “Gelato taste a lot like ice cream, but it’s just better for some reason.” Once you’re hooked in the Gelato craze, you will never look at ice cream the same way you did. So if you’re in Italy, make sure to get a taste of their Gelato goodness and you will surely find that there’s a grain of truth to Mr. Churchill’s powerful words.

You can find Gelato shops dotting every nook and cranny of Italian cities such as Florence, Milan, Rome and Venice as much as you would find Starbucks branches in American cities. Once you step into the Italian soil, you will find both locals and tourists alike crowding gelato shops or stands wanting to get a hold of a cup or two of the Italian version of creamy goodness. Never ever make the mistake to come back home without giving this popular Italian dessert a try or you will be committing an epicurean sin.

The Italians claim that Gelato is happiness condensed in a cup and you know for sure that they are telling the truth. Now here’s the lowdown why Gelato is loved by the world:

1. Gelato is way healthier than ordinary ice cream Yes you read that right. Gelato has lesser fat in its base and less air is incorporated during the stirring and boiling process. Despite its creamy taste, gelato contains more milk than cream as compared to other ice creams. Regular ice creams are considerably heavier on the cream, which explains why they have higher fat content. Now go take one more cup and enjoy a guiltless Gelato eating session without worrying about your calorie intake.

2. Vegans can eat gelato too Most people mistake that gelatos are all 100% milk based but this is not true in some instances. Gelato makers know the difficulty being faced by vegans and lactose intolerants who would like to take a cup of gelato goodness but couldn’t do so, so they formulated some fruit-based sorbet to solve their dilemma. Fruit-based gelato usually uses pure fruit extracts and sugar with no dairy products on the side at all. Who would have thought that eating gelato could be made healthier and more nutritious?

3. They make the best pistachio flavored gelato on earth is not subject to further argumentations. Italians have perfected the way of preparing gelato but they are the only authority when it comes to creating the best pistachio Gelato. With its creamy texture, roasted pistachios and heavenly goodness, there’s no doubt that this Italian pistachio is the best flavor in the world. The best pistachio flavored gelato on earth can only be found in Italy and this


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Written by MYC Contributor Jessa Ann Z. Gomez

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