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Why I Stopped Going on Holidays

Why I Stopped Going on Holidays

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    Dec 09, 2015   Author : admin

It’s that time of the year again, and what better way to celebrate the last few days of the year than by booking a flight to a dream destination like Paris or New York? Or probably dream about soaking under the sun in the Caribbean or Bali in the Far East? Engerrrrland is going to be so darn dull during the winter months. But... the thing is, I feel like I’ve lost the will to travel or wander around these days (especially during the holiday season). The holiday prices online during the peak season just made me want to hide under a quilt. Truth is, tickets are so pricey. I’m seriously considering staying at home and just binge-watch movies on Netflix... until my eyes can’t take it no more. Or maybe I should just save the money until I find something meaningful to buy this holiday season? The self felt thought to save up something to gift myself this Christmas -- like a Mulberry bag or this season’s Valentino boots -- felt much better all of a sudden. Oh, and the upcoming Christmas sales! 

You must think I’ve gone mental passing up traveling this holiday season for a Netflix rerun. But... no. Not going on a holiday means getting a chance to clear out my mind from stress. Or maybe clean out the house and re-arrange my furnitures and closet (I’m thinking of overhauling my clothes for winter). The things that I can do if I opt out to go on a holiday seem endless, and it’s going to lead to a positive outcome: a clean house and a clear mind. Holiday season would also mean less traffic due to the fact that many people will be traveling to far away places with their loved ones. You know the best thing about it? I can finally order that cup of cappuccino from that cafe I passed by days ago which was swarmed with the morning coffee crowd -- coffee shops can get pretty hectic so I haven’t gone back since. I’ll also be able to try that new Vietnamese eatery down town because the city would be an empty haven and wouldn’t have to rush with the foot or road traffic. There may be a slight chance of feeling lonely seeing friends posting holiday selfie against the world’s best backgrounds, selfie with eating amazing foods, selfies at a foreign cafe, customary pouting selfies in bathrooms, selfies and more selfies!

But being able to save all that money on pricey tickets and spending time with thee while the rest of the world is jet-setting, changing flights or sleeping in different beds is going to be a win-win situation. Spending time away from the crowd is good (and food) for the soul. Nonetheless, there might be a chance I’ll still change my mind after watching all the movies on Netflix and have drunk all the coffees the city has to offer. So... until then, I’m going to remind myself that not going on a holiday this season would mean a chance to find myself more. And I’m well on my way.


MYC Writer: Elonah Bioneda | Creative Input: Bhawna Kochhar, Editor-in-Chief

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