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Which Music Streaming Service Will You Use?

Which Music Streaming Service Will You Use?

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    Jul 15, 2015   Author : admin

The growth of online music streaming has been spectacular in recent years. If you like the idea of listening to some great tunes wherever you are then there are a few options to choose from now.

Apple Music

The latest entrant to the music streaming market is from Apple, with 30 million songs promised. They recently revealed Apple Music to the world, with the service starting at the end of June. One of the most talked about features on here is the song recommendation service. This will use both computer algorithms and a human music expert to suggest titles to you. The initial release will be iOS devices, Windows PCs and Macs. However, it will be available for Android devices and Apple TVs before too long. The cost is £10 per month. 


If Apple Music is to be a huge success then it is Spotify that it will need to knock off top spot. This service has 20 million users currently and has content from the likes of Sony, Warner, Universal and EMI. Some 14 million of those users get the free service with ads. For £10 a month you can get Spotify on all of your devices without any ads.


You might not have heard quite as much about Deezer but it currently has a massive 16 million active users. At the time of writing, 5 million of those listeners pay for the ad-free service. Deezer has 35 million tracks and also offers thousands of news and entertainment shows as well. There is a one-month free trial offer. You can then pay £10 monthly for total access or £5 for computer only use. In fact, at the time of writing there is a 3-month premium trial offer that costs just £0.99. 


Did you think that Napster had completely disappeared? This was the original music sharing service and took a lot of flak over digital rights. It was shut down but is now back, with 20 million songs. It offers a free 30-day trial. After this, you can use it online for £5 monthly or pay £10 for mobile use too.


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