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When is It time to Walk Away From A Relationship?

When is It time to Walk Away From A Relationship?

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    Sep 28, 2016   Author : admin

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Is it time to pack your bags and go? Many people wonder when enough is enough,  when it comes to relationships. All couples get to the point where they have to face issues that seem to tear them apart.  But not many people know whether it is time to put an end to a relationship or if they should continue fighting for it because they're blinded by love, the length of relationship and more. Below are some tips on how you will know it's finally time to let go and move forward:

The Constant Fighting

Couples fight, and that's normal. But if every conversation ends up in an argument and you seem to fight about every little thing, then you have a big problem. If you choose not to talk about some things just to avoid a confrontation, or you have stopped talking to each other, then what's the point of staying together? You cannot live a life with someone you can not talk to anymore. If you no longer see eye to eye, then it is best to go your separate ways.

You Become Like Strangers

People and relationships change through time. But if the changes in your life make you feel like you are living with a different person now than the one you fell in love with, then you may need to rethink your situation. If you cannot be yourself when you are with your partner, then why are you still with him or her? You should be with someone you know very well, and with someone who will accept you for who you truly are. 

You See No Future

Couples should be able to look at their future together. If someone really loves you, he or she will include you in their plans for the future. If you and your partner’s goals in life seem to go in  different directions, then you may need to sit down and talk about where your relationship is going. If you do not agree about where you should be or what you should be doing in the future together, then its time to accept the your relationship is going nowhere. 

You are Sexually Incompatible

Sex should always be exciting and enjoyable, to keep the love alive in a relationship. Some people end up becoming sexually frustrated because they are not compatible in bed with their partner. If things don’t improve after talking about your sexual differences and having tried everything to make things work in the bedroom, then do yourself a favor and find someone else who can give you what you need.

When Trust is Broken

When someone in a relationship betrays the other one’s trust, things will never be the same again between them. If you have lost faith in your partner, and you find yourself being suspicious all the time about everything he or she says and does, then it is clear that your relationship is already going downhill.

You Feel Abused

You have to leave a relationship if you are experiencing any form of abuse from your partner. Whether it be physical, emotional or psychological abuse, you should not allow anyone to treat you badly. Relationships should be built with respect for one another. If you feel that your partner is taking advantage of you in any way, pack you bags and go. 

There is Someone Else

If you see that your partner has lost interest in you or may have fallen for someone else, then maybe its best to just set him or her free. On the other hand, if you find yourself yearning to be with someone else even if you are still committed to your partner, then maybe it’s time to follow your heart and go for the one you really want.

You are Unhappy

Are you happy?  Sometimes all it takes is to ask yourself if you are happy or not in your relationship. There are no perfect relationships, and couples face problems all the time. But if your bad days outnumber your happy days with your partner, then there is a chance that you are with the wrong person. 

There are several issues that could hurt a relationship. But if they really wants things to still work out between them, couples could figure out ways to solve these problems together. On the other hand, there are some serious issues that are beyond fixing. And if you find yourself in these situations, you definitely should walk away.

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